Since 2008, the Begin Again Institute has specialized in helping men heal both their sexually addictive behaviors and rebuild relationships with damaged wives and partners. Begin Again Institute was founded to specialize in intensive treatment for sex and pornography addiction. Our partner-sensitive treatment program utilizes the TINSA® (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction) model, coupled with the TASK Approach developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes.

The book TINSA® (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction) provides a new perspective for sexual addiction and its treatment. Sexual addiction treatment has long focused on managing the symptoms of addiction with abstinence—a difficult challenge in a world where limitless pornographic gratification is never more than a click away. A new recovery method is needed: one capable of identifying and treating the core cause of addictive behavior. TINSA® is just such a program.

About Begin Again Institute

Our cutting-edge approach has successfully treated hundreds of men, women, and couples facing the devastation caused by sex and pornography addictions. We are the oldest treatment center in the U.S. specializing in treating sex and pornography addiction. Also, Begin Again Institute is the only center in the region to use both certified sex addiction therapists and certified clinical partner specialists. Thus, we can help individuals and couples to heal completely from the devastation caused by sex and pornography addiction. Through our online treatment, trauma-informed therapy, and intensive treatment programs ranging from two to 14 days (which can be done on consecutive days or can be done over weeks), we can find the core or cause and begin remission. These intensive courses can save you nine to 12 months of individual therapy, enabling you to take control of your recovery.

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Sex, pornography, and partner trauma are at epidemic proportions, and it is important to note that not all addictions are the same. While many well-meaning therapists advertise that they treat sex and pornography addiction and the partners who are affected by this addiction, we highly recommend that you only utilize only those therapists who are trained to treat these problems specifically. Reach out to us today at 720.702.4608 to see how our certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT) can help you.