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It is often said that all an addict needs is a “willingness, honesty and an open mind” to start them on the road to recovery.  The word willingness, in particular, appears in recovery literature over and over again. Webster’s simply describes the root word willing as “prompt to act or respond.” Sounds simple enough but if “willingness’ was that easy to muster up, wouldn’t every sex addict get clean?

When it comes to being willing to change, we human beings- addicted or not- usually drag our collective feet. Change is something that inherently scares us. For sex addicts who’ve lived their lives with a false sense of ease and comfort, this is especially true. Change usually means an addict will have completely turn their lives upside down in order to get better and as horrible as the life of an addict is, continuing to use or check out seems like an easier alternative.

So when it comes to willingness the first component in achieving this magic recovery ingredient is honesty. Just being honest enough to admit that you are a sex addict is where the early traces of willingness start to peep through. It takes an enormous amount of courage to say, “I need help” and if an addict is willing to do so, a world of miracles is possible.

After admitting they have a problem, we see addicts continue to practice honesty in one-on-one or group therapy sessions.

Being willing to be accountable and honest to a therapist or group is huge and really helps an addict learn new ways to communicate. Willingness is an ongoing key component as sex addicts uncover the causes and conditions of their addictions. Doing the work of recovery and uncovering old behaviors is not easy nor is it pretty work so being willing is absolutely key to getting results and staying sober.

The patients who do recover are the ones who are totally willing to throw themselves into the tireless yet rewarding work of recovery. Being willing to call other addicts when they need help, willing to take time out of their busy schedules to attend meetings and therapy sessions and willingness to continue a daily program of recovery are a few more of the ways that willingness play a huge role in recovery from sex addiction.

Sadly, willingness is not something other people can force addicts to have. Just because a spouse is clearly suffering due to sex addiction and we want them to get better, it doesn’t mean they will. They need to want recovery first and foremost. Children, friends, bosses, wives, and parents wanting it for them simply isn’t enough.

Sex addicts need a willingness to change in order to kick their addiction. Without a willingness to truly face their addiction problems most addicts go on believing that they can handle their problems alone and that things aren’t ‘that bad’ even though their broken lives tell another story.

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  • By Development Account
  • February 4, 2013

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