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The Potential Risks of Virtual Reality Pornography

virtual reality pornography

Virtual reality pornography may be the future of pornography, but it’s not without consequences. VR porn removes the screen from your sexual experience to make it feel more real. It’s a new direction for pornography that makes sexual experiences more accessible than ever. But at what cost? 

By removing the screen between you and your imaginary sexual experience, and creating frequency and novelty in pornography viewing, virtual reality pornography will likely lead to more sexual addiction. 

What Makes Virtual Reality Interesting?

Virtual reality allows people to experience new things and explore other worlds without leaving their homes. It’s appealing because it lets people experiment without ever putting themselves in a vulnerable situation. 

Virtual reality pornography creates a world of nonjudgmental sex. You can try things and push boundaries without fear of judgment. It’s a new way to experiment sexually without pressure. 

But with freedom comes responsibility. Since the world of virtual reality pornography is still new, there are no restrictions or limitations. Knowledge is still growing about the ethical and health issues associated with VR porn.

The Potential Risks of Virtual Reality Pornography

Virtual reality pornography comes with a growing list of risks and consequences. It provides a blank erotic canvas behind which are ramifications people haven’t even thought of yet. 

Virtual reality allows people to experience new things and explore other worlds without leaving their homes

Readily Available Sex

The unfettered access to sexual pleasure, like current mainstream porn, is a concern for many people, especially related to hypersexuality disorder. The constant availability of sex means people may become reliant on it.

For those with porn addiction, masturbation is a common way to deal with adverse emotions, like stress. Therefore, having access to unlimited life-like sex may make impulse control even more challenging.

VR pornography may also cause some people to try it out because it’s new, then they may become reliant on it and develop an addiction.

Lack of Satisfaction

Similar to mainstream pornography, no real-life partner will be able to compete with virtual reality porn. Virtual reality pornography also means you won’t have to put physical effort into your sexual experiences. As a result of the variety at your fingertips, your sexual performance with a partner will likely deteriorate.

You may find that you experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction and delayed orgasm are common symptoms of porn or sex addictions in men. Over time, having a single, regular partner for sex can’t compete with the abundance of porn. Therefore, you’re under-stimulated and unable to ejaculate or even experience an erection. 

Subtracting from Real Life

For those with porn or sex addictions, temptation is a constant challenge. Seeking out these behaviors is why people addicted to porn often isolate themselves.

Work may fall to the wayside, and you may stop fulfilling other social commitments. By having the option to avoid possible rejection, why would you opt for the real world? 

The lack of desire to live in the real world is a significant consequence of becoming a VR user. 

Altering Your Brain Chemistry 

Pornography impacts the way your brain chemistry works. Your mind can’t differentiate between reality and virtual reality.

When you watch porn, your brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is the feel-good pleasure chemical associated with activities like sex, drinking, and gambling. It’s what compels you to return to those pleasure-inducing activities.

Pornography causes an excessive release of dopamine — more than your brain can handle. As a result, your brain starts shutting down its dopamine receptors. This shutdown changes the way you feel about the activity over time. It becomes less enjoyable, so you seek more intense experiences.

Repetitive use will further damage your dopamine receptors. Ultimately it alters your brain chemistry, which is challenging to reverse. 

Intense Guilt and Shame

Masturbation and using porn cause feelings of guilt and shame in many people. You may feel like you’re being unfaithful to your significant other or doing something you shouldn’t be doing. These feelings may intensify the more you use VR porn, resulting in you lying or hiding your behavior. It’s a cycle of negative emotions and behaviors. 

VR porn could damage your brain, relationships, and your life, especially if you’re already struggling to overcome your porn addiction. The temptation of virtual reality porn may be too powerful.

Getting Treatment for Porn Addiction

Virtual reality pornography isn’t going away any time soon. It’s the evolution of the industry and technology and is likely to become increasingly readily available. Therefore, it’s up to you to make wise choices and recognize if you need help. 

As the porn industry continues to evolve, so must the addiction treatment industry. We offer a 14-Day Men’s Intensive retreat at Begin Again Institute. It helps you get away from the temptations of porn, immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, and reset your habits. With the help of a jump-start residential program, you increase your chances of overcoming pornography addiction.

If you’re ready to start your treatment, contact us today.

  • Category: Pornography Addiction
  • By Ryan Pryor
  • August 5, 2022

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