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Dr. Michael Barta, Boulder Sex Addiction Therapist, Treats the Root Cause of Sexual Addiction Many patients ask Dr. Michael Barta in his Boulder sex addiction counseling office, “How could such a good, loving man do this to his wife and family?” Understanding the primary cause of sex addiction helps solve the puzzle. Many treatment programs or sex addiction counselors simply focus on keeping the sex addict from participating in unhealthy sexual behaviors. This is a good start, but Dr. Barta’s Boulder sex addiction therapy focuses on helping the sex addict uncover and remove the real cause of the unhealthy sexual behaviors. Dr. Barta believes that unless sex addiction is treated at its core, the unhealthy sexual behaviors will return. He is able to use his clinical skills to delve deeply into the early wounds that set up the addict’s need to escape in unhealthy ways. This need to escape leaves the addict unable to form healthy relationships, which eventually causes great pain and suffering to the addict’s partner, family and children – and to the addict himself. As a Boulder sex addiction therapist, Dr. Barta works to uncover the wounds that compelled the person to begin using sex as an escape. Once located and treated, the wounds can be healed so that the recovering sex addict has the ability to finally connect, form relationships, share honestly, and experience emotions in meaningful ways. Treating the core of the addiction provides freedom and enables the sex addict to finally experience true joy, peace of mind, and intimacy. Call Dr. Barta today. He is ready to help. 1637 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80301 Denver- 303-775-7529 Boulder-303-775-7529

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  • July 11, 2014

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