Boulder Recovery Treatment Modalities

Modalities for a Trauma-Focused Approach

Internal Family Systems (IFS):

Internal Family Systems is a therapeutic approach used to help our clients start to understand the parts of themselves that make up the whole, how those parts are reacting to their environments, and the process of unburdening.

Intergenerational Trauma:

With the use of genograms the men in our program start to see some of the ways that core values, narratives, and unspoken expectations were passed on through the family, many times without their understanding or consent.


Brainspotting is a powerful treatment method that locates points in the visual field that bypass the ‘thinking brain’ and access the ‘reactive brain,’ helping to resolve unprocessed trauma. Clients are allowed four individual brainspotting sessions over the course of the intensive.

Inner Child Work:

Used both in guided meditation and in brainspotting, our clinical team uses this modality to shed light on how a client may be holding unrealistic expectations for their younger self, causing them to feel shame and isolate that lonely version within them that is desperate for connection.

TINSA (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction):

A model by which our clients start to understand their addiction and behavior through the lens of trauma. This model also helps clients start to understand trauma in a new way that includes “the bad” and also “the not enough good.”

Often times the men are met with a new understanding of the narrative that has defined them and start to rewrite their story no longer as the victim but as the victor.

Freedom from addiction becomes a reality as the behaviors that resulted from trauma are no longer bound to a cycle of unaddressed trauma.

Intentional Intensives

Two weeks seems like a long time, but it’s also very short in terms of traditional treatment models. Every moment of the Boulder Recovery intensives is intentional and designed for renewal of the mind, body, and spirit.
1. Movement and Healing: Clients embark on daily morning hikes at the foothills and throughout the Rocky Mountains.

  • Double Occupancy for Sleeping: Sharing a room allows the men to live in community, connect with one another after group, and for the miracle of recovery to happen when the men start to show more vulnerability before bed and early mornings.

  • Digital Detox: For maximum connection and focus clients are relieved of their electronic devices for the two weeks that they are in the intensive with the exception of a 15 min phone call that occurs on the second Wednesday of the program following the reading of partner impact letters

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