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California mental health hotline

All California residents now have free access to a California mental health hotline where they can speak with someone about mental and physical health concerns and gain access to free resources during Covid. BeWellLine can help you overcome emotional trauma, even if you have not contracted Covid; reach out to us for support and counseling by calling 866-254-1839 or continue to explore our website to find services and resources to help with depression, anxiety, housing, or homelessness.

3 Ways We Help CA Residents Endure the Trauma of Covid

1. Emotional support may not seen like it’s an essential service, however, studies have clearly shown that emotional trauma can disrupt one’s life and lead to a mental heath crisis. Just knowing that BeWellLine is able to address your personal concerns during Covid can make a huge difference in your quality of life, both physically and mentally.

Our crisis line is free to call any time you need help for anxiety, stress, depression, or financial issues related to housing; call, text, or chat with one of our counselors via our FEMA-funded hotline.

2. If you’ve personally taken a hit regarding your mental health during COVID 19, we offer free of charge counseling and lifestyle guidance that will get you back on track with your life. Empathetic listening can go a long way toward helping our callers breathe a sigh of relief knowing that someone who cares is there for them.

Through mental health online services from BeWellOnline, you can receive advice and suggestions on how to alleviate stress during a time when the circumstances around you may feel out of control.

3. COVID trauma is real, and without intervention, you may feel as though you have no where to turn. We’ve created Web conferences that will allow you to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of your home without the added stress of speaking to someone over the phone that you can’t see.

Call our California mental health hotline for evidence-based advice & support if you’re feeling down, are confused about current events, or are in need of reassurance that you’re not alone in your emotional turmoil. The whole world is having to deal with the unique circumstances ushered in by Covid; help is available when you reach out to us today.

Speak With Mental Health Experts Now

Contact BeWellLine for mental health services that will help you get through your Covid situation with less stress and anxiety. Whether you’ve personally contracted the virus, have family members or loved ones involved, or simply need to hear a friendly voice on the line, you can take comfort knowing that our staff is listening to your story and able to offer insight, support, and answers.

It may seem like there’s no one to turn to when life’s situations try to hold you down, but help is available for all who live in the state of California. FEMA-funded BeWellLine provides crisis counseling, support, and free resources.