Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center Colorado

A fear of intimacy can be detrimental for those suffering from it, affecting their mental and physical health, relationships, and loved ones.

Often, such deep-seated issues stem from childhood trauma in the form of physical or verbal abuse, parental neglect, or overdependence on friends and family.

Over time, it can accelerate to such a degree as to develop into a full-fledged intimacy disorder, where people are unable to experience true intimacy due to disordered thoughts.

Such individuals may be unable to experience emotional intimacy, such as in the bond between friends, intellectual intimacy, such as in reflective conversations with another, or sexual intimacy, in relationships with a romantic partner.

Often, those with sexual intimacy disorders can develop sex addictions where they are afraid of sexual contact yet crave it immensely.

At Begin Again Institute, we operate the best intimacy disorder treatment center in Colorado to help those suffering.

We believe that the first step to overcoming your addiction is courage.

To heal, you should face your truth and commit to making your life better.

Here’s how you can assess yourself and see if you need couples counseling for intimacy issues:

  • You Sabotage Relationships

Often, those suffering from intimacy disorders pull back from conflicts or avoid emotional expression with their partners. They may also be overly critical or controlling, sometimes having extreme bouts of anger over trivial issues. They use emotional manipulation as a tool for guilt-tripping their partner into doing what they desire.

As a result, such individuals also have a history of short, volatile relationships and often face unhealthy breakups.

If you believe you engage in emotionally toxic behaviors, seeking Boulder intimacy disorder treatment can help you overcome them.

  • You Crave Perfection

A significant cause for failing relationships is unreasonably high expectations from one’s partner. Those facing a chronic fear of intimacy often suffer from a fear of losing control in relationships, and therefore, demand a lot for themselves.

Such demands need not only be emotional but also sexual, favoring their sexual satisfaction over their partner’s pleasure. If their demands aren’t fulfilled, they may experience immense anger and engage in conflict.

If you’re facing problems in sexual intimacy with your partner, seeking Boulder sex therapy can help you both navigate through each other’s needs for increased pleasure.

  • You are Addicted to Sex

A major aspect of sexual intimacy disorders is unhealthy sex and porn addictions. Sufferers may often crave the connection they fear the most.

As a result, they may engage in coping mechanisms to fulfill their desires, such as prostitution, excessive masturbation, consuming pornography, and thinking persistently about sex, to the degree that it interferes with their everyday life.

To help identify whether you have a sex addiction, you can consult sex psychologists in Boulder CO, for guidance. However, if you want a quick assessment, you can take this free of cost test:

At Begin Again Institute, we believe in improving the lives of those suffering from life-wrecking addictions by building intimacy counseling and rehabilitating them with adequate therapy.

If you want to live a happier and healthier life, contact Begin Again Institute for the world’s leading intensive healing for sex porn addictions and intimacy disorders: 720-702-4608

Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center Colorado

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Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center Colorado

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