Intimacy Disorder Treatment Colorado

When you’re intimate with a person, you share close emotional or physical ties. Though many think that intimacy only pivots around romantic love or sexual magnetism, you should know that it is a lot more than those aspects. 

For example, certain levels of intimacy are involved when dealing with your relationship with friends, family, or professional colleagues. Additionally, intimacy is generated in many ways such as shared ideas, common interests, and empathetic moments. However, intimacy disorder is a real thing, and there are several intimacy disorder treatment programs in Colorado.

Usually, those that suffer from the condition find it hard to find or express intimacy with other people. They can also have the crippling fear of intimacy which can lead them to withdraw from people to avoid any form of connection. 

If you or your loved one exhibit these tendencies, we’ll give you a detailed insight into why you do, and how you can possibly get your act together with our intimacy disorder treatment in Colorado. 

Understanding Intimacy Disorder 

Intimacy disorder stems from fear of intimacy which typically causes patients to have difficulty in developing, keeping, and expressing levels of intimacy. In some cases, it leads to sex addiction, self-isolation, and abusive behaviors. 

These self-defeating behaviors are often used by patients to cope with the disorder, push people away, or avoid blame for their actions. Though it might be hard to deal with, the best thing you can do is enroll them in addiction centers in Colorado that have a series of treatment plans such as: 

  • Sex addiction treatment 
  • Masturbation addiction treatment 
  • Porn addiction treatment 

Our Intimacy Disorder Treatment in Colorado 

Since there are several treatment centers in Colorado, it might be hard to settle on the best choice. However, with our treatment program, we can assist those struggling with intimacy disorder learn how to cope and also express healthy, normal emotions. 

For a clearer picture, here are some of our programs: 

  • Psychodrama Therapy

This type of therapy helps with communication as our patients are guided to act out their internal issues as well as disturbing scenes that fill their thoughts so they can learn how to react better and tackle their old assumptions. 

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 

This is an effective talk therapy treatment plan as it tackles bothersome self-conceptions and negative thought processes. It gives patients practical solutions that will help them see situations as they really are and gauge their reactions. There are other types of talk therapy programs such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), motivational interviews, and more. 

  • Adventure and Experiential Therapy 

This form of therapy teaches patients how to value themselves. They are taught how to trust others and also take responsibility for their actions while engaging in outdoor activities that will bring them together. 

Final Thoughts

Intimacy disorders are a common issue. Several people suffer from this condition without even realizing it. However, if you or your loved one have come to terms with the fact that you suffer from it, the next step is signing up for our intimacy disorder treatment in Colorado. Contact us today and we’ll help you out of your emotional shell! 
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Intimacy Disorder Treatment Colorado

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Intimacy Disorder Treatment Colorado

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