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Although masturbating is a healthy and pleasurable act, it becomes something independent of pleasure in this case. Thus, it affects our lives when it turns into a mechanism to calm anxiety.

What is masturbation addiction?

Masturbation addiction is a mental disorder that can have serious consequences in one’s social and professional life. Compulsive masturbation, also considered an addiction to masturbation, is motivated by the intense and repeated desire to satisfy this need.

Those with compulsive masturbation may go so far as to skip social gatherings to have more time to masturbate or interrupt work hours to satisfy the need in the bathroom.

Commonly, people label the addicts as or perverts when the reality is that it is a hypersexual disorder that needs psychological treatment. Sometimes, they may even need medical assistance to treat injuries to the sex organs due to overstimulation.

How does masturbation addiction affect?

Quick response 

Repetitive sessions of self-stimulation cause the individual to concentrate solely on quick orgasm or ejaculation. So, when you have a sexual experience with another person, you will not be looking for pleasure or well-being, but rather for a quick orgasm that relieves uncomfortable feelings.

Loss of mutual interest

The loss of interest and pleasure in sexual intercourse with a sexual mate may lead the person to prefer to be satiated alone. It is especially difficult when you are in a relationship, as you tend to avoid sexual relations and lose motivation to satisfy your partner. 

Inability to control one’s desire 

The need to gratify it when it emerges induces the individual to avoid social functions in order to spend more time alone, which tends to result in disintegration of interpersonal relations. At work, it is common for them to go to the bathroom to touch themselves or even to absent themselves completely.

Lack of energy

The preeminent discomfort caused by the sensation and the lack of desire to perform another activity and physical tiredness cause characteristic fatigue. Your energy levels drop, and this, like a vicious cycle, has an impact on your daily life and career.

What our sex addiction recovery center in Colorado can do for you?

You are not alone. If you feel you cannot deal with your sexual impulses, you notice they are starting to harm you physically, emotionally, or professionally, we can help you. Begin Again Institute has the ultimate sex addiction treatment in Boulder for you. We understand how overpowered you may be.

Do not feel isolated or ashamed. Begin Again Institute, led by Dr. Michael Barta, has the best masturbation addiction treatment in Boulder and many other programs with related disorders like porn addiction treatment. 

Our specialized therapists in healing for sex and porn addiction count with the unbeaten programs for men. These treatments, and plenty of others, offer the assistance you require, just in the foremost masturbation addiction recovery center in Colorado.

Contact Begin Again Institute for the world’s leading intensive healing for sex porn addictions and intimacy disorders: 720-702-4608. Our complete and accurate therapies like porn addiction treatment in Boulder will provide you with the best chance of defining, facing, and conquering psychological sex health issues. 

Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

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Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

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