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Masturbation addiction refers to someone who has a compulsion to masturbate or does it in an excessive manner. It is not a diagnosed mental condition; nonetheless, it can significantly impact the person’s life and the ability to perform daily tasks such as school, work, or maintaining a healthy relationship.

Masturbation is not a harmful activity. It can be enjoyed whether the person is in a healthy relationship or to compensate for the lack of a sex partner.

However, if this activity interferes with work or daily life, it may be considered a problem or that the person is addicted. If it is out of control, it is referred to as masturbation addiction.

There are those who seek healing for sex and porn addiction. Still, there is also masturbation addiction treatment in Boulder, Colorado. This type of addiction falls under the umbrella category of sexual addiction or porn addiction, and there are treatment options available.

What are masturbation addiction symptoms?

Masturbating regularly does not mean that a person has a problem. However, if it takes up much of a person’s time, and their personal or professional lives are suffering because of it, then it could be an addictive behavior.

Also, if any of these occur, we may be talking about masturbation addiction:

  • You choose masturbation over other activities, such as going to an event or party.
  • You often masturbate in public places, such as a restroom or your office.
  • You masturbate when you are not aroused, and even if you don’t feel like it.
  • You use masturbation to cope with negative emotions.
  • You feel guilty after masturbating.
  • You think about masturbating often.

Who is masturbation and sex addiction treatment in Boulder for?

You may believe that porn addiction treatment in Boulder is for someone who watches pornography compulsively. However, who is masturbation addiction treatment for?

If you said yes to the actions described above, you should consider talking to a therapist about your worries. He or she may suggest treatment for your compulsive behavior relating to masturbation.

Also, masturbation addiction recovery in Colorado is a treatment for those who masturbate during work. It can also be used to avoid stress or loneliness.

Sometimes, those who are addicted to masturbation may experience anxiety or discomfort when they are not masturbating. It is also a sign of addiction to look out for.

Some consequences of this addiction can be a bruised clitoris or penis, problems ejaculating, and difficulty getting or staying aroused. Even worse, there can be legal issues that can arise for those who masturbate in public. Nonetheless, the urge can sometimes be so strong that addicts will go to unimaginable lengths to fulfill the urges and find relief.

If you have any questions about our masturbation addiction recovery center in Colorado, contact Begin Again Institute for the world’s leading intensive healing for sex porn addictions and intimacy disorders at 720-702-4608.

We use a cutting-edge approach that has successfully treated hundreds of men, women, and couples who face sex, pornography, and masturbation addictions. Since our foundation in 2008, we are the oldest treatment center in the US specializing in these addictions.

Masturbation Addiction Recovery Colorado

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