Masturbation Addiction Treatment Center Boulder

Sexual addiction is the compulsive and obsessive sexual trait that makes people experience extreme trouble controlling their urges. They will have trouble concentrating and building personal relationships because their mind has alterations that cannot sustain steady focus.

Sexual addictions cause immense pain and suffering, which could damage the course of your life and unfortunately result in permanent predicaments like a fatal illness. The traditional treatment solutions are never enough because they do not address the underlying mental complications. Consider the following factors when choosing a masturbation addiction treatment center in Boulder.

Tips of choosing the best masturbation-addiction treatment facility


Healing for sex and porn addiction is not the same as alcohol treatment. The therapist must have a completely different educational background to understand the brain’s working about sex and intimacy. It is best to choose a therapist with a profound understanding of human emotions, child development, and trauma reactions. Begin Again educates people with the combined expert knowledge of Dr. Micheal Barta, four therapists, and several intensive treatment therapists.

Spousal involvement

Men who develop or get into marriage with masturbation addiction can damage their partner’s emotions and minds beyond belief. Their spouses have an equally tough time trying to recover because they cannot find reasons to justify their partner’s actions. Some may start a cycle of revenge and cheating. Sex addiction programs are for the addict and the spouse because they reduce the impact of the addiction and accelerate healing.

The kind of masturbation addiction treatment in Boulder is beyond anything you can get from all other institutions. We have online healing programs for partners to engage in their spouse’s recovery journey. The practical solutions are excellent for dealing with one’s deep-seated betrayals and trauma.


It is best to choose a sex addiction treatment program convenient for both your pocket and mind. While affordability is not everything, it is a significant prerequisite in choosing a high-quality treatment center. We offer several payment options and can ensure you find an excellent program suitable for your condition.

Length of treatment

Sex addiction treatment should not take over your life, so you do not have time to handle other mundane demands. The program should be less than three months but long enough to expound on all psychological issues. Studies show that masturbation addiction treatment is effective if it only lasts a fortnight. Our intensive 14-day program exposes you to the science of your addiction, underlying feelings that could stop prevent recovery, and coping skills to control urges in the future.

Residential porn addiction treatment in Boulder

Do you need residential treatment? Consider an inpatient program if you experience the following symptoms:

  • A continuous cycle of stopping and restarting masturbation
  • Inability to focus until you engage in a sexual activity
  • A disregard of hygiene and health to engage in compulsive sexual activities

There are many different approaches to sex addiction treatment in Boulder. We include a little bit of everything to help one recognize situations that cause their particular masturbation urge. Get in touch with us at 720-702-4608 for the world’s leading intensive healing for sex porn addictions and intimacy disorders.

Masturbation Addiction Treatment Center Boulder

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Masturbation Addiction Treatment Center Boulder

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