The idea of being vulnerable with someone makes you uneasy. Relationships come and go in your life, but you can’t let anyone get close to you. Maybe you’ve never shown your authentic self to anyone. Perhaps you tried in the past, and you got hurt. Or you just make excuses to keep others at bay. You accept that you need and deserve intimacy disorder treatment, so you can start building genuine relationships.

At Begin Again Institute, we’re here to help you with intimacy disorder treatment. Intimacy disorders can impact every aspect of your life. And we understand how hurtful and lonely life can be without a true connection with others.

At Begin Again Institute, we recognize that sex, porn, and masturbation addiction are intimacy disorders. To heal your habits, you first have to learn how to be empathetic and compassionate. These are the same building blocks that help you open up to intimate relationships.

14-Day Men’s Intensive

The first step in your intimacy disorder treatment is to remove you from your everyday environment. This disruption in daily activities will bring you renewed clarity and help you develop intimacy with yourself.

Our 14-Day Men’s Intensive is in the stunning Rocky Mountains surrounding Boulder, Colorado. There, you will have the time and space to heal from your intimacy disorder.

You’ll spend time with counselors and 11 other men who have intimacy disorders. You’ll be able to develop empathetic links with others. And you’ll learn how to stop your destructive behaviors and discover the root cause of your intimacy fears.

At Begin Again Institute, we understand the significance of cutting-edge research in our treatment programs. Our treatment styles focus on the latest information, so your problematic behaviors won’t return.

Our program gives you the freedom to heal from your intimacy disorder and:

  • Learn more about the cause of your intimacy disorder in personal, one-on-one trauma therapy
  • Create genograms of family dynamics and a timeline of your problematic behaviors
  • Evaluate how your intimacy disorder impacts your happiness using the BECK depression inventory
  • Learn how to be authentic with others during group therapy sessions

With only 12 men accepted into each intensive, you’ll get to know others who are in a similar situation. This real sympathy for each other will help you learn how to develop relationships in your daily life.

Partner Support Program

Your intimacy disorder treatment is for you. But what about other people in your life your addiction impacts? They need help and healing too. Begin Again Institute has a unique Partner Support Program to help your significant other.

Partners receive 10 hours of specialized attention and training. They’ll learn about intimacy disorders, how they impact you, how they can recover, and how to support your recovery. This support program can help intimate partners heal from betrayal trauma. Also, so you can work together to plan for your future.

Intimacy disorders impact everyone in your life, and your partner deserves to heal as well.

Continuing Care Program

The 14-Day Men’s Intensive and Partner Support Program lays the foundation for your intimacy disorder treatment. Even with this strong base, Begin Again Institute understands that your healing will continue for the rest of your life.

This long-term need for help is why we offer a Continuing Care Membership to support you on your journey.

You’ll have access to remote or in-person weekly group sessions. These sessions allow you to continue your dialogue with others who understand your intimacy disorder.

You’ll also have access to therapy and treatment to continue healing, so there is consistency in your care.

Intimacy disorder treatments are unique to each person. This individual need is why we offer programs that touch every aspect of your life. You’ll heal yourself, your partner, and the other relationships in your life.

Your Treatment Team

Begin Again Institute’s team of specially trained Certified Sex Addiction Therapists will guide you through treatment. They have extensive training in therapy and counseling and years of experience with trauma. Your CSAT team will be there to make sure you recognize and cope with your trauma, then heal the feelings and behaviors that resulted.

You’ve accepted that you have an intimacy disorder, and you know you need treatment to heal. Recovery can’t be one-size-fits-all, which is why Begin Again Institute’s intimacy disorder programs allow the time and space to learn about what caused your disorder and work toward recovery. We know your experience is unique. Therefore, your recovery should be too.

You’re ready to take control of your life and be vulnerable with those around you. You deserve support on your journey. Contact us today to start the healing now.