You’ve spent countless hours masturbating alone. Your relationships have started coming in last on your priority list. You’re aware of your compulsive sexual behaviors, and you’ve tried to stop them. Every time you want to end your habits, you find yourself back where you started. You’re finally ready for masturbation addiction treatment.

Trauma is the root cause of masturbation addiction. Without help understanding your trauma and healing from it, you’re likely to continue struggling with addiction.

The masturbation addiction treatment program offered at Begin Again Institute is multi-dimensional. We take time to understand who you are as a person. You’ll find the root cause of your destructive behaviors and put a stop to them. You deserve help on your healing journey from people who understand what you’re going through.

14-Day Men’s Intensive

The temptation to masturbate may consume all of your thoughts, especially in times of stress. Remove yourself from your regular environment and eliminate those stressors. You’ll finally have the time to heal.

Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Men’s Intensive is in the peaceful mountains near Boulder, Colorado. With 24-hour support, you’ll be able to contemplate what triggers your compulsive need to masturbate.

During your two weeks of intensive treatment, you’ll experience healing around the clock. You’ll develop ties with your Certified Sex Addiction Therapists and the 11 other men in your intensive.
Your care will include:

  • Discovering the root cause of your masturbation addiction with personal 1:1 trauma therapy
  • Understand how, when, and why you developed a masturbation addiction with a family genogram and a timeline
  • The knowledge that you’re not alone with group psycho-education, interactions, and dialogues
  • Time to consider the impact your masturbation addiction has had on your loved ones. You’ll have help writing an impact letter to a partner, spouse, or someone your actions have hurt.

The 14-Day Men’s Intensive sets your foundation for successful masturbation addiction treatment.

Partner Support Program

Masturbation addiction treatment helps you regain a sense of safety in all aspects of your life. Your intimate partner is a massive part of your life, and your addiction impacts them too.

While you’re at your intensive, your intimate partner will get 10 hours of simultaneous guidance, therapy, and support through our Partner Support Program. During this program, they’ll be able to heal from their betrayal trauma. They’ll learn what caused your behaviors and how to support your masturbation addiction treatment once you return home.

The Partner Support Program is unique. Begin Again Institute only offers it because we know how vital these ties are. By supporting one of the most influential people in your life, you can continue your healing at home.

Continuing Care Membership

Masturbation addiction treatment is an ongoing process. Once you return home, you’ll face the same triggers that caused you to relapse in the past.

Begin Again Institute offers a Continuing Care Membership so that you can have consistency after your program. You’ll have access to in-person and virtual group support sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to hear the struggles of others and learn more about yourself. In addition, you’ll have additional therapeutic sessions and treatment. This continued care is so your masturbation addiction treatment can lead to lifelong remission.

The Treatment Team

Masturbation and sex addiction are intimacy disorders. No one understands intimacy disorders better than our team of Certified Sex Addiction Therapists. Our team undergoes extensive training and has years of therapy or counseling experience. As a result, they can give you the tools you need to be successful.

Our team knows that you deserve to heal from your trauma. Therefore, they know how to help you uncover truths you may have forgotten or hidden deep within yourself. Rediscovered truths will put you on a path to experience self-empathy and help you stop your masturbation addiction.

Masturbation Addiction Treatment at Begin Again Institute

You’re ready to change your life and start your recovery, and you deserve support on this journey. Contact us today to begin your healing.

You’re ready to change your life and start your recovery, and you deserve support on this journey. Contact us today to begin your healing.