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Sex addiction can be defined as a lack of control over one’s sexual thoughts, urges, and impulses. It often leads to excessive sexual behaviors that can negatively impact one’s life. 

People with sex addiction issues often have an obsession with sexual stimulation.They get so caught up in this obsession that it hampers their ability to live “normal”   lives. Sex addiction can affect the mental and physical well-being of the addict, and it is always a great idea to get healing for sex and porn addiction once you struggle with sex addiction.

Here are some signs of sexual addiction.

An Obsession with Sex 

If you notice that you can’t stop thinking about sex, you might have a sex addiction. Often this obsession with sex gets to the point where you begin to have sexual fantasies that interfere with your everyday activities and responsibilities.

There is a difference between having a high sex drive and sex addiction. You have sex addiction when you spend excessive amounts of resources (time, energy, money)on sex.

Feeling Shame or Depression 

These feelings begin to well up within an individual because they know they have a problem. Sometimes the feelings might be as a result of the consequences of their obsession with sex. Other times it might be because of the uncontrollable obsession with porn. Whatever the reason, you need to talk to a health professional when you begin to feel anxiety, shame, depression, or regret. You might need to get porn addiction treatment in Boulder too.

Excessive Masturbation 

If you find yourself masturbating excessively, then you might have a sex addiction. Some people argue that masturbation is a great way to explore one’s sexuality. However, for the sex addict, masturbation is just a means to get a sexual thrill. If they can’t get someone to have sex with, they simply have sex with themselves! Get masturbation addiction treatment in Boulder if you notice that you masturbate excessively. 

Engaging in Inappropriate Behaviors 

Sexual addiction often causes people to do inappropriate things like exhibitionism, public sex, sex without protection, and sex with prostitutes. Other more extreme behaviors that sex addicts engage in include stalking, rape, or child molestation. 


Sex addicts who are in relationships often find themselves cheating on their partners. The obvious reason is that they have a fixation on sex that soon leads them to explore new sexual experiences with new partners. To them, the experience of the sexual thrill comes before anything else.

Get in touch with the leading treatment center in Colorado 

Are you or anyone you know struggling with sex addiction? Do not hesitate to contact the addiction treatment professionals at Begin Again Institute. Our facility provides a conducive environment and highly specialized treatment programs to give you a shot at leading a new life. Our approach to addiction treatment focuses on unraveling the root cause of the disorder and attempting to resolve it. That way, the patient can be truly free and is less likely to relapse. Contact the world’s leading intensive healing facility for sex and porn addictions and intimacy disorders on 720-702-4608.

Sex Addiction Recovery Colorado

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