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1. Do you use porn to avoid or escape your feelings and problems or to alter your mood?

2. Do you become restless, moody, or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop viewing porn?

3. How often do you find yourself preoccupied with wanting to view porn?

4. Does it sometimes seem as if there is a force inside of you that drives you to view porn?

5. Do you feel empty or shameful after viewing porn and wish you could stop?

6. Have you ever promised yourself that you would never again view porn?

7. Have you lied to your family members, church leaders, or others about your porn use?

8. Does your use of porn interfere with, limit, or reduce the social, occupational, educational, or recreational areas of your life?

9. Have you stayed up late at night or woken up during the night to view porn?

10. Do you erase history, “cover tracks” and take steps to hide your porn use to avoid being caught?

11. Do you rationalize, justify, minimize, or make excuses about your porn use?

12. Do you somehow end up looking at porn nearly every time you get on the internet?

13. Do you worry something is wrong with you because of your porn use?

14. Have you lied, manipulated others, or made other unwise choices to view porn?

15. Do you view more porn and for longer periods of time than you initially intend?

16. Do you find yourself viewing different types of porn, perhaps outside your sexual orientation, to feel the desired excitement?

17. Does your porn use interfere with your moral/religious beliefs or your family values?

18. Do you minimize your porn viewing by using statements like “Everyone is doing it,” “No one is getting hurt,” or “This is not as bad as what others are doing.”?

19. Do you continue to view porn despite knowing it may jeopardize or damage your relationships, educational opportunities, or career opportunities?

20. Have you experienced repeated unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back, or stop viewing porn?

21. How often do you masturbate when viewing porn?

22. How often do you masturbate to the point of physical injury or infection when viewing porn?

23. How often do you view porn when there is considerable risk of being caught?

24. Over the last 6 months, how often has your partner/significant other requested a temporary or permanent separation because of your porn use?

25. In the last 6 months, how often have you thought about getting help for your porn viewing behavior?

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  • May 11, 2022

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