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“Am I Addicted to Porn?”

It can be difficult to know whether you’re addicted to porn. Take our Pornography Addiction and Use Survey (PAUS™) to find out.

Watching porn may start as a seemingly harmless habit, but for some, it can spiral out of control. If watching porn interferes with your daily life, relationships, or work, you may be addicted to porn, and you’re far from alone. In fact, while 75.5% of people consider themselves recreational users of porn, more than 10% of men report an addiction to it. 

It can be difficult to know whether you’re addicted to porn. That’s why we’ve put together a simple assessment to help guide you. With this information, you can start to chart your journey to recovery.

What is Porn Addiction?

Porn addiction is when a person compulsively views pornography to the point that they become emotionally dependent on it. Sexual urges, behaviors, thoughts, and fantasies are too challenging to control. A porn addiction often has serious negative effects on one’s health, career, and relationships. 

If you’re dealing with a possible porn addiction, you might notice that you’re watching increasingly more porn. You find it impossible to stop, even if it’s affecting your enjoyment of sex or leading you to watch porn at times or places that aren’t appropriate, like during work.

This addiction can interrupt daily responsibilities and ruin relationships while leaving you feeling powerless to stop or control your actions.

One misconception is that people experiencing porn addictions have addictive personalities or even a high sex drive. That is not always the case. Instead, here are some other signs to look out for. You’re showing signs of porn addiction if you:

  • Can’t seem to get enough of porn
  • Feel guilty or ashamed about watching
  • Start needing more hardcore or intense porn to feel satisfied
  • Constantly think about porn
  • Skip out on important stuff just to watch porn
  • Feel a strong urge or “need” for porn
  • Develop low self-esteem
  • Lose sleep over it
  • Can’t seem to keep your emotions in check
  • Lose track of time when watching porn
  • Keep your porn viewership a secret from people close to you
  • Aren’t interested in hanging out with others because you’d rather watch porn
  • Experiencing sexual dysfunction

When your porn viewing becomes distressing or compulsive, you may feel a mix of emotions. It’s likely that you want to change – perhaps you’ve even tried in the past – but you haven’t been successful. When that happens, it’s likely that the rehab didn’t work, and you need to try a different approach.

Taking the Pornography Addiction and Use Survey (PAUS™)

Understanding your habits and their impact on your life is critical to addressing any addiction, including porn addiction. The Pornography Addiction and Use Survey (PAUS™) is a tool to give you insights into your behavior, helping you see if what started as a habit has turned into something more.

Without understanding the level of your addiction, it can be challenging to address it. Plus, you may be at risk for increasing compulsive sexual behaviors such as: 

  • Feelings of shame, guilt, and low self-esteem
  • Mental health struggles, like depression or anxiety
  • Losing touch with family and friends
  • Financial issues and debt from spending money on pornography
  • Turning to drugs or alcohol to cope

It can be challenging to reach out for help, but you’re not alone. Many have walked this path and found healing. This survey is a first step toward understanding your situation and determining what kind of assistance you may need.

This pornography assessment is private. Your survey results are a tool for you and you only. And if you choose to provide it, we will never sell or distribute your email address.

Remember, this survey is about taking that critical first step toward recovery on your terms and in your own space.

How Does the Porn Addiction Quiz Work?

The Pornography Addiction and Use Survey (PAUS™) consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. These questions range from your behaviors around pornography to the risks associated with viewing it, as well as its impact on your professional life and relationships. 

The pornography addiction quiz is expected to be quick, taking approximately five minutes to complete. After you complete the survey and select “view results,” you will receive your score and a recommendation on the level of care you may need to overcome your pornography addiction.

Take the Pornography Addiction Quiz

This assessment will only be helpful if you answer each question honestly. Take a moment to reflect on each question to ensure the most accurate results. Remember, your responses are not stored or shared. The information is just for you.

Understanding Your Results

You’ll receive a score ranging from 0 to 100 when you view your results. This score is designed to give you a clearer understanding of where you stand in terms of pornography addiction and to help you decide whether to monitor your habits more closely or seek porn addiction treatment.

We categorize the results into several levels, ranging from normal sexual development and typical curiosity, where no treatment is needed, to conditions that might require more intensive care. Here’s a breakdown of what the score ranges indicate:

  • No Treatment Needed. Your score suggests that your interaction with pornography is within a range of normal curiosity or behavior.
  • Reason for Concern Regarding Pornography Use. This category indicates that your pornography use might be something to keep an eye on.
  • Emerging Pornography Addiction. If you fall into this category, it may be a sign that your habits are developing into an addiction.
  • Individual is Addicted to Pornography. Scores in this range suggest a more severe level of addiction, potentially needing specialized treatment.

These results should not be taken as a clinical diagnosis. The porn addiction quiz is a tool and starting point to provide additional context surrounding your behaviors. Please seek input from qualified mental health professionals for a more thorough diagnosis. 

After the Quiz

Regardless of where you land on the scale, you can still heal and stop porn addiction. It’s never too late to start the recovery process. No matter what level you’re starting from, mental health professionals can guide you on your journey to uncover the root cause of the addiction, treat it, and achieve lasting recovery.

At Begin Again Institute, we offer treatment programs designed for those with sex or pornography addiction. Our 14-Day Men’s Intensive focuses on sex and pornography addiction and other intimacy disorders. This program removes you from triggering environments, allowing you to jumpstart your treatment journey in a nurturing and supportive setting.

Severe addiction can make it nearly impossible to break free without professional help. It overrides your healthy coping mechanisms and distorts judgment and priorities. Begin Again Institute’s approach, combining education, trauma-informed therapy, and practical strategies in a group setting, can provide a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

FAQ About Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is more common than many realize. 75.5% of people report using porn recreationally. Within this group, 46% of men and 16% of women have engaged in intentional pornography use in the past week. Most notably, more than 1-in-10 men self-report as having a porn addiction

The Pornography Addiction and Use Survey (PAUS™) is quick and user-friendly. On average, it takes about five minutes to complete. This time allows for thoughtful self-reflection when answering the 25 multiple-choice questions. 

The Begin Again Institute prioritizes your privacy and confidentiality. The results from the PAUS™ are solely for your personal use. We do not store, access, or share them. The assessment aims to provide insights into your behavior and guide you in seeking appropriate help if needed. The data you provide in the survey is entirely private, ensuring that the focus remains on your personal journey toward understanding and recovery.

Your Recovery

The decision to seek porn addiction treatment can feel overwhelming, but help is out there when and if you need it. At Begin Again Institute, we specialize in providing the support and treatment necessary to help you regain control over your life. 

Take the first step toward your recovery today.

Don’t let porn addiction define your future. Contact Begin Again Institute today and start your journey toward recovery and a brighter tomorrow.

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