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Boulder Recovery 14-Day Christian Intensive

Boulder Recovery 14-Day Christian Intensive
Boulder Recovery 14-Day Christian Intensive

Boulder Recovery is Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Christian Intensive focused on treating men suffering from sexual addiction, pornography addiction and intimacy disorders, particularly within the context of their Christian faith.

Christ-Centered, Clinically Intensive Treatment for Porn and Sex Addiction

Boulder Recovery at Begin Again Institute is a transformative 14-day intensive focused on treating Christian men who are struggling with sexual addiction (including pornography addiction and compulsive behavior), infidelity, and intimacy disorders. We do this all from a trauma-focused perspective, through the lens of one’s Christian faith. Treatment in the Boulder Recovery intensive addresses the intensified burden that Christian men with these struggles face, helping them heal and repair their relationship with God, self, and loved ones.

“Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.”

What to Expect in Our Christian Intensive

Boulder Recovery’s 14-Day Christian Men’s Intensive is tailored to your unique needs. During the intensive, you can expect an enormous amount of education, trauma-focused individual and group therapy, and practical takeaways. The goals for the intensive are to:

  • Stop destructive sexual behaviors
  • Identify and heal the root cause of the addiction
  • Create a solid foundation for lasting recovery
  • Reduce the suffering in your relationships
  • Restore your authentic relationship with the Creator as the creation made in His perfect image
Through this program, you can find freedom and wholeness – returning to, or perhaps discovering for the first time, an authentic relationship with God and yourself as a man created in His image.
Boulder Recovery is the only 14-day Christian sex addiction treatment intensive. Most other programs are either short retreats (2-3 days) or require a 30-45-day commitment in a residential facility (where the only faith-based element is church on Sundays). But we are passionate about helping you jumpstart your recovery. Two weeks is ideal because it’s enough time to gain real traction in your healing process while being short enough that it’s not disruptive to your life.

Healing and Connection in Nature

Treatment at Boulder Recovery means connecting not only with yourself but 10 other men with similar struggles. These men will become your brothers. You’ll repair your mind and spirit while staying in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. There’s no better place to reconnect authentically with yourself and God.

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Boulder Recovery intensives include:

  • Room and board
  • 24/7 residential staff
  • All meals and snacks – some are prepared by our in-house chef, and others prepared as a community
  • Transportation to and from Denver airport, as well as any off-campus activities, such as experiential hikes
  • Trauma-focused treatment from a team of specialized, master’s-level therapists who are passionate about seeing the men in our program receive true healing and freedom from addiction
  • A virtual Partner Support Program for your wife at no additional cost


We limit the number of attendees to just 10 men per intensive to ensure each participant receives personalized treatment. This small group size is one of the primary reasons so much healing can occur in such a short period of time.

Leave Guilt and Shame Behind

Boulder Recovery’s 14-Day Christian Intensive treats men with sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and intimacy disorders. The intensive helps you understand and address the root cause of your behaviors, healing you from the cause, not just treating the outcomes. It also helps you recover from the shame and guilt surrounding your behaviors, and fully integrate the gift of infinite and boundless grace.

During the intensive, you’ll receive treatment based on accountability and a proven framework for healing. You’ll uncover how sexual behaviors like pornography use and infidelity are negatively impacting your life, relationships, and faith. Then, you’ll learn the skills you need to address those behaviors, letting go of guilt and shame and reconnecting with your spirituality. 

You can leave the harmful, damaging parts of the past behind and start anew.

“Therefore… put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; bearing with one another, and forgiving one another… even as Christ forgave you…”

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Understanding Porn Addiction, Sex Addiction, and Intimacy Disorders

Some people have difficulty with emotionally intimate relationships because they fear vulnerable connections with others. If you have an intimacy disorder, the idea of true connection likely frightens you, and you push people away, accidentally or intentionally, when they get too close.

Sex addiction is a form of intimacy disorder where you have an excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors that you can’t control. The addiction causes you severe emotional distress and affects every part of your life, including your spiritual life.

Regardless of whether your intimacy disorder manifests as an addiction or simply keeping people, even those you love, at arm’s length, chances are you’ve tried to stop. You likely realize that the behavior isn’t congruent with your beliefs, but you can’t seem to make changes, no matter how much you pray and try.

Intimacy disorders often result from unresolved traumatic experiences that leave a person feeling out of control and like they can’t trust anyone. To fully heal and stop destructive behaviors, you must first identify, understand, and process that trauma.


“Sex addiction treatment can result in experiencing life from a more grounded, emotionally connected, and empathic place. Clients who go through treatment often begin a new life that is more in line with their values and authentic self. Healing through intensive trauma work provides an incredible running start into a lifetime of recovery.”

Success Stories and Testimonials

Men have experienced transformative healing and restoration of their faith through Boulder Recovery. Here’s what one man says about the experience:

“I came to Boulder Recovery as a last step in restoring my marriage. Over 40 years of misleading statements, lies, gaslighting, and an addiction to pornography had been all that my wife could emotionally, mentally, and spiritually endure.
Boulder Recovery assessed traumas that had been inflicted on me during my childhood by using counseling, EMDR, and group counseling sessions. Their efforts and a renewed commitment of my faith have set me on a path of healing. There remains additional work for me to accomplish, but I remain confident that God will continue to complete the work he began in me.

I still feel ashamed of who I have been, but shame and guilt no longer dictate or control my life. I remain grateful for the journey that Boulder Recovery initiated in my life. I thank God for their staff and their dedication to help men heal from the detrimental effects of pornographic and sexual addiction.”

Help for Christian Partners

Your actions haven’t only impacted you, and you don’t have to heal alone. Begin Again Institute’s Partner Support Program helps your wife heal from the betrayal she experienced as a result of your behaviors. 

Our highly specialized, partner-sensitive team facilitates an innovative group that supports partners before, during, and immediately after the men’s treatment programs – at no additional cost to the family.

The Partner Support Program is virtual for your wife. The program will help her learn how to deal with stressors, care for herself, and heal from betrayal.


“When an addict finally decides to seek treatment and pursue recovery, this often opens the door for deep healing for both members of the relationship. But even if that never occurs, know that being in a close relationship with an addict is traumatic, and you deserve help and support.”

Embracing Healing and Renewal

Are you ready to change your life in just two weeks? If so, it’s time to enroll in Boulder Recovery’s Christian porn and sex addiction treatment intensive. The next step is to contact an admissions specialist who will walk you through the process of enrolling in the next intensive. Then, you’ll be on your way to healing and living a life that reflects your values.

To sign up for a Boulder Recovery intensive or learn more, talk to an Admissions Specialist today: 720.702.4608

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