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About Us

about us

Since 2008, Begin Again Institute has established a proven track record in helping men heal from their sexually addictive behaviors and rebuild relationships with loved ones. Begin Again Institute was founded to specialize in intensive treatment for sex and pornography addiction to help men achieve real healing and lasting recovery.

We are the longest-standing treatment center in the U.S. specializing in treating sex and pornography addiction and our cutting-edge approach has successfully treated hundreds of men facing the devastation caused by sex and pornography addictions. We are also the only center to offer a virtual Partner Support Program that runs alongside our men’s programs at no additional cost.

How does Sex Addiction Happen?

Sex addiction derives from an incomplete or wounded “attachment” system and the subsequent trauma that occurs. Unless this trauma is properly treated, sex addicts may find themselves incapable of fully bonding to another individual, subsequently seeking outside sources to relieve their (often suppressed) anxiety and pain.

Innovative Treatment Model

Treatment at Begin Again Institute consists of a proprietary model called TINSA® (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction) – a new perspective for the treatment of sexual addiction. Sexual addiction treatment has long focused on managing the symptoms of addiction with abstinence—a difficult challenge in a world where limitless gratification is never more than a click away. A new recovery method is needed: one capable of identifying and treating the core cause of addictive behavior.

Treating the Cause, Not the Symptom

The TINSA® curriculum is uniquely developed to address the root cause of sexual addiction. Working with the most current research in neurobiology, attachment and trauma, our clinical team helps clients discover the “why” of their addictive behaviors.

Once the core cause is identified, shame is lifted, choice is restored, and remission can begin to occur.

The intensity of programming at Begin Again Institute allows clients to break through to core issues driving the problematic behavior and frees them to begin a life of successful and lasting recovery.

Our Mission

The mission of Begin Again Institute is to change lives by helping men return to their authentic selves.

Our Commitment

Begin Again Institute commits to being an inclusive and non-judgmental community that helps men understand the ‘why’ behind their behaviors, and give them the tools needed to heal, rebuild, and live a life of purpose and authenticity.

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