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What is a CSAT?

If you’ve researched sex and porn addiction treatments, you’ve probably come across the acronym CSAT beside the names of many professionals in the field. But, what is a CSAT certification?  What is a CSAT? CSAT stands for Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, meaning the individual has special training to work with people living with sex addiction…

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Can You Have Porn Cravings?

Whether you are new to recovery from porn addiction or are far on your journey, you’re probably experiencing porn cravings. You should expect these cravings in your situation. They come from a central part of your brain that controls almost everything you do.  Porn cravings also stem from learned behavior in childhood. Things that excited…

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Stopping a Porn Addiction: Stages of Recovery

If you’re trying to stop your internet pornography addiction, you’ll experience the porn withdrawal timeline. This timeline means to expect withdrawal symptoms and discomfort as you heal.  Understanding the porn withdrawal timeline will help you anticipate some of the various stages of withdrawal until you begin to thrive. Porn Withdrawal When you stop watching porn,…

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What is Healthy Sexuality?

For so many of you out there, you’re lucky to receive any sort of formal education about sexuality, let alone what healthy sexuality is.  Your own sexual identity is formed throughout your life – from birth until death. It is constantly evolving and changing. However, what it means to have a healthy relationship with your…