A couple with darker skin tones holds hands with their fingers interlaced

What is Intimacy?

When you read the words “intimate relationship,” you probably think of sexual intimacy. But there is a lot more to creating an intimate relationship than having intercourse. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “what is intimacy, then?” Different types of intimate exchanges form the basis for a healthy, close relationship. However, some people have difficulties with…

man holding is head upset about his sex addiction

What Is Sex Addiction?

Most people go through their day having various thoughts and focusing on a myriad of tasks. But for a person with sex addiction, there’s only one thing on their mind — sex. So, what is sex addiction? The simplest description is that it’s compulsive sexual thoughts, urges, and behaviors that take over a person’s life.…

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Signs of Sex Addiction

Suppose you find yourself hiding your outings, clearing your browser history, and falling behind in your responsibilities because you’re focused on sex. In that case, you may be showing signs of sex addiction. Sex addiction symptoms may look slightly different for those experiencing them. But understanding the common signs of sex addiction can help you…


We’re Hiring! Contract Masters Level Therapist

Begin Again Institute is growing! We’re seeking an experienced Master’s Level Therapist who is mature minded, flexible, and brings a loving, positive attitude to our expert Clinical Team. We are a privately-owned facility located in Boulder, Colorado that helps men 25 and older heal from trauma and attachment wounding that has resulted in problematic sexual…