14 Day Men’s Intensive

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Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Intensive is designed to treat men suffering from sexual addiction, pornography addiction and intimacy disorders; helping them understand and address the root cause of their behaviors and start the journey to lasting recovery.

About the Intensive

In the 14-Day Intensive we base treatment on accountability and a rigorous framework for healing. Participants in the intensive will uncover and understand how their life and relationships are being impacted by unhealthy sexual behaviors such as:

  • Chronic pornography use
  • Web-based sex
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Solicitation of prostitutes
  • Frequenting massage parlors and strip clubs
  • Infidelity


During the 14-Day Intensive you can expect an enormous amount of education, trauma-focused therapy, and practical takeaways while cohabiting in a powerful group setting. Our goals for the intensive are to:

  • Stop destructive sexual behaviors
  • Find the root cause of the addiction
  • Create a solid foundation for lasting recovery


Why 14 Days?

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Begin Again Institute is one of the only treatment centers in the country to offer a 14-Day Intensive (many other programs often require a 30-45-day commitment). We are passionate about making recovery feasible for your schedule and for your life.

We limit the number of attendees to just 10 men per intensive to ensure each participant receives personalized treatment. This small group size is one of the primary reasons so much healing can occur in such a short period of time.

What’s Included?

Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Intensive occurs on a beautiful private campus in Berthoud, Colorado which includes a sizeable historic home. The property also includes a spacious backyard, group rooms and private therapist’s offices.

14-Day Intensives include:

  • Room and board
  • 24/7 staff on campus
  • All meals – some are prepared by our in-house chef, and some are prepared by the men as a community
  • Transportation to any off-campus activities, such as experiential hikes
  • Trauma-focused treatment from a team of specialized, masters-level therapists who are passionate about seeing the men in our program receive true healing and freedom from their addictions
  • Virtual Partner Support Program for betrayed partners at no additional cost
14 Day Men's Intensive

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