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14 Day Men’s Intensive

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Get Healing for Sex Addiction at Begin Again Institute

Explore Begin Again Institute’s transformative 14-Day Men’s Intensive, uniquely designed for men with sex addiction and intimacy disorders. Jumpstart your recovery through our proven trauma-focused approach.

What to Expect in Our Intensive Program

Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Men’s Intensive is a discreet program tailored to your unique needs. During the intensive, you can expect an enormous amount of education, trauma-focused therapy, and practical takeaways. The goals for the intensive are to:

  • Stop destructive sexual behaviors
  • Identify the root cause of the addiction
  • Create a solid foundation for lasting recovery

Begin Again Institute is one of the only treatment centers in the country to offer a 14-Day Intensive. Many other programs require a 30-45-day commitment. We are passionate about making recovery feasible for your schedule and life.

This intense focus on healing in a limited time can help jumpstart recovery and put your life on a positive trajectory. 


Healing in a Beautiful Private Setting

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Treatment may feel emotionally uncomfortable at times, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be physically cared for. Our 14-Day Men’s Intensive is on a beautiful private campus in Berthoud, Colorado, in a sizable historic home. The retreat-like setting also includes a spacious backyard, group rooms, and private therapist’s offices.

BAI’s 14-Day Men’s Intensive includes:

  • Room and board
  • 24/7 staff on campus
  • All meals – some are prepared by our in-house chef, and the men prepare some as a community
  • Transportation to any off-campus activities, such as experiential hikes
  • Trauma-focused treatment from a team of specialized, master’s-level therapists who are passionate about seeing the men in our program receive true healing and freedom from their addictions
  • Virtual Partner Support Program for betrayed partners at no additional cost
14 Day Men's Intensive

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Your New Life Starts Now

Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Intensive treats men with sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and intimacy disorders. The intensive helps you understand and address the root cause of your behaviors, healing you from the cause, not just treating the outcomes.

During the intensive, you’ll receive treatment based on accountability and a proven framework for healing. You’ll uncover how unhealthy sexual behaviors like infidelity, pornography use, and solicitation of sex workers are negatively impacting your life and relationships. Then, you’ll learn the skills you need to address those behaviors. 

We can help you leave the harmful, negative parts of the past behind and start the new life you want and deserve now.


Understanding Sex Addiction and Intimacy Disorders

Some people have difficulty with emotionally intimate relationships because they fear vulnerable connections with others. If you have an intimacy disorder, the idea of connection likely frightens you, and you push people away, accidentally or intentionally, when they get too close.

Sex addiction is a form of intimacy disorder where you have an excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors that you can’t control. The addiction causes you severe emotional distress and affects every part of your life.

Regardless of whether your intimacy disorder manifests as an addiction or simply keeping people at arm’s length, chances are you’ve tried to stop the behavior. You likely realize that the behavior isn’t serving you well because you aren’t living the way you expected, but you can’t stop despite trying repeatedly.

Intimacy disorders often result from unresolved traumatic experiences that leave a person feeling out of control and like they can’t trust anyone. To heal from the disorder and stop the negative behavior, you must first identify, understand, and process that trauma.


Begin Again Institute’s Approach

Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Men’s Intensive focuses on stopping destructive behaviors by understanding and treating the root cause of those actions. To do this, we use the Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction (TINSA®) model. The model posits that trauma is the result of being injured while being vulnerable or authentic. 

To heal, you must identify the trauma and understand that your addictive behavior started as an automatic reaction to it. Then, you can make connections between the trauma and how your response led to your inability to bond or have a healthy relationship. Once you understand these components, you can begin to heal and learn skills to stop the behavior that’s damaging your life. 

Success Stories and Testimonials

You’re not alone. Many other men have experienced transformative healing through Begin Again Institute. Here’s what some of them say about the experience:

“Begin Again Institute changed and saved my life. It was a great place to be introduced to recovery and gave me a running start. The staff there is empathetic, supportive, and compassionate as they walked alongside me as I uncovered things I swore I would never tell anyone. When I left I was equipped with tools that I never had before and a willingness to continue my journey of healing, one day at a time! My story is a first-hand example of the great work that they are doing. Grateful to have had the experience and the opportunity. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is suffering and wants to change for the better!”
- Alex K

Enrolling in the Program

Are you ready to change your life in just two weeks? If so, it’s time to enroll in Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Men’s Intensive. The next step is simply to contact an admissions specialist who will walk you through the enrollment process.

Supporting Partners and Families

Your actions haven’t only impacted you, and you don’t have to heal alone. Begin Again Institute’s Partner Support Program helps your wife heal from the betrayal she experienced as a result of your behaviors. 

Our highly specialized, partner-sensitive team facilitates an innovative group that supports partners before, during, and immediately after the men’s treatment programs – at no additional cost to the family.

The Partner Support Program is virtual for your wife. The program will help her learn how to deal with stressors, care for herself, and heal from betrayal.

Begin Your Healing Journey

Help is just a phone call away. Whether you’re a high-profile executive, community leader, or someone simply looking for help you can trust, we offer confidential, specialized treatment for all men with sex addiction and intimacy disorders. Start your new and improved life today.

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