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Partner FAQs

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If you or a loved one is struggling with betrayal trauma, reaching out for help is key. However, many are unsure of what to do or how to understand the addiction they are facing. Look over these frequently asked questions (FAQs) from partners of addicts to get a sense of how Begin Again Institute can help you start to heal.

The ideal client for the 5-Day Partner Intensive is an individual who has experienced the pain and disorientation that comes from a significant betrayal in their relationship. This could be infidelity or another form of profound deceit or disloyalty.

They are currently navigating a world turned upside down by betrayal, yet display a profound resilience and a desire to heal, grow, and rediscover their authentic selves.

This intensive is for the person who recognizes that their pain stems not only from their partner’s actions but also from the deep rupture of trust that has occurred. They are seeking a safe space to express their feelings, learn about betrayal trauma, and connect with others who are experiencing similar struggles.

Our ideal client might be feeling lost, isolated, or overwhelmed, yet displays a sense of determination and hope. They understand that recovery will take time and effort, but are willing to embark on that journey. They are not merely looking to “get over” the betrayal but to grow through it, reclaiming their self-confidence, finding their voice, and setting boundaries to protect and respect their wellbeing.

This individual is ready to step into their power, recognize their worth, and make decisions that align with their needs and values. They’re prepared to take the necessary steps toward their recovery, even if those steps seem daunting.

In essence, the ideal client for the Partner Intensive is someone who, despite their pain and confusion, is ready to embark on a journey toward healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. They’re looking to turn this challenging chapter of their life into a stepping-stone towards a stronger, more authentic self.

BAI’s Partner Intensive is a five-day, trauma-focused intensive focused on providing support, guidance, and healing tools for partners who have experienced betrayal in their relationships. This may include infidelity, dishonesty, or other breaches of trust that have resulted in the need to reestablish safety and a new sense of stability and self-direction in their own lives as a way to heal from the dysregulation of the past.

The five-day intensive includes between 30-40 group and individual therapy hours from an expert team of Betrayal Trauma specialists. A light breakfast and lunch will also be provided each day of the intensive.

Clients will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging. We have a room block reserved at the hotel directly across the street from the office where the intensive takes place (within walking distance).

Yes. Whether you’re still in the relationship or not, this intensive can offer valuable insights and coping strategies to help you navigate your own healing process. It is a supportive space for anyone dealing with the aftermath of betrayal.

Absolutely. If you are dealing with the emotional trauma of betrayal from a past relationship, this intensive is right for you. It is incredibly common to have relational residue transfer from one relationship to another. The goal of this intensive is to help all participants understand the boundaries and skills needed to end the transference of old relationships so that they can start fresh with new opportunities for authentic connections.

Yes. The impact of betrayal trauma can linger for many years. If you’re still dealing with the emotional aftermath, no matter how long ago the betrayal happened, you can benefit from this intensive.

The Partner Intensive is currently being offered only to women at this time.

Nothing. Sexual addiction is caused by trauma that leaves the addict unable to connect or to be authentic. In other words, the addict can tolerate short periods of intimacy, but cannot stay intimate for consistent periods of time. This on-again/off-again closeness can be challenging and damage your self-worth. Your partner’s infidelity and unhealthy sexual behavior have nothing to do with you in any way. It is not about your looks, your intelligence, or your age. Addiction has everything to do with an individual’s feelings of inadequacy that must be treated before there is any hope of connection or intimacy.

Of course! While group therapy and intensive work may feel a little intimidating at first, many find it to be an incredibly supportive and rewarding experience. It allows you to connect with others who are going through similar experiences, providing mutual understanding not only of each other’s journeys but also of your own.

Yes, the group is designed to support individuals regardless of the number of betrayals they have experienced. Each individual’s experience with betrayal is unique, and the group can provide tools and strategies to help manage and heal from these traumas in a way that helps to end the cycle of betrayal while also giving you autonomy back in your relationships.

Absolutely. When the addict fully commits to stopping the behavior and healing the underlying issues, the possibility of a healthy relationship is certainly possible. At Begin Again Institute, we have a 98% success rate.

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