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Treatment Modalities

Understanding Your Path to Healing

The Impact of Intimacy Disorders

Intimacy disorders, like sex or pornography addiction, destroy relationships, careers, and families. But healing is possible with Begin Again Institute. Our unique, trauma-focused treatment modalities help you recover from intimacy disorders.

What Trauma-Informed Treatment Means

Trauma-informed therapy like that at Begin Again Institute means that our therapists recognize and understand the impact of trauma, and they use that knowledge to understand your behaviors.

Therapists at BAI want to understand what happened to you and how it resulted in your current situation. They don’t look at you as a flawed person or someone with bad character, but, instead, as a person who has experienced something traumatic and tried to cope with it on their own as best they could.

BAI’s Certified Sex Addiction Therapists have specialized training to help you overcome the effects of trauma that resulted in sex, pornography, or masturbation addiction. And they do this in a way that focuses on your individual needs.

Our Treatment Modalities

At Begin Again Institute, we understand that holistic healing is key to your recovery. That means focusing on healing your mind, body, and spirit. We encourage this healing through a mixture of treatment modalities that fit your individual needs.

Treatment modalities include:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS). This therapeutic approach helps our clients start to understand the parts of themselves that make up the whole, how those parts are reacting to their environments, and the process of unburdening.
  • Intergenerational Trauma. Genograms help the men in our program see some of the ways that core values, narratives, and unspoken expectations were passed on through the family, often without their understanding or consent.
  • Brainspotting. A powerful treatment method, brainspotting locates points in the visual field that bypass the “thinking brain” and access the “reactive brain,” helping to resolve unprocessed trauma. Clients receive four individual brainspotting sessions over the course of the intensive.
  • Inner Child Work. Our clinical team uses this modality to illuminate how clients may be holding unrealistic expectations for their younger selves, which can cause them to feel shame and isolate that lonely version within them that is desperate for connection.

These treatments are done both individually and in group sessions for optimum effectiveness.

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Our Proprietary TINSA Model

Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction (TINSA) is an innovative treatment model specific to Begin Again Institute. It views sex addiction as driven by past trauma and the effect it has on the brain. Therefore, the only way to overcome intimacy disorders like sex, pornography, or masturbation addictions is to identify and heal the underlying trauma, not just the resulting behaviors.

TINSA aims to help you heal from addiction by understanding the root cause of your behavior. It helps you overcome past experiences and learn the tools needed to regulate your nervous system and rebuild healthy neural pathways.

Freedom from addiction happens as the behaviors that resulted from trauma are no longer bound to a cycle of unaddressed trauma. 

Begin Your Healing Journey

Begin Again Institute is here when you’re ready to heal. Our 14-Day Men’s Intensive and 14-Day Christian Men’s Intensive are proven effective in jumpstarting recovery from intimacy disorders of all types. Our treatment modalities, including the proprietary TINSA model, help you heal in a safe, supportive, and trauma-informed environment. Your journey to healing can start now.

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