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Sex Addiction Quiz

Sex is a natural and enjoyable part of life that brings connection and intimacy into romantic relationships. Unfortunately for some, sexual behavior can become unhealthy, turning into a coping mechanism for unhealed trauma. Sex addiction impacts all aspects of someone’s life, including personal and professional relationships.

According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, 6%-8% of adults in the United States could be battling a sex addiction. That means sex addiction, sometimes called hypersexuality disorder, may be affecting up to 24 million adults. 


If you’re feeling concerned or overwhelmed by your sexual behaviors — unsure if you have a problem or how severe your level of addiction to sex may be — you’re not alone. We’ve designed a self-assessment quiz to help you better evaluate your sexual behaviors and their impacts. After answering these questions, you’ll receive results that can guide your next steps — whether it’s advice to monitor your habits more closely or a recommendation to seek specialized treatment.

Understanding Sex Addiction

The need for an escape from stress, emotional pain, or trauma drives addictive sexual behaviors. Sex becomes something a person feels they need to do, even if it has negative consequences, and the urge to engage in sexual activity starts to control a person’s life. Sex addiction damages relationships, work, and self-esteem. 

In romantic relationships, sex addiction often leads to a breakdown in trust and communication. Partners of sex addicts may feel neglected, betrayed, or emotionally disconnected, leading to strained and broken relationships. Plus, the compulsive nature of the addiction can also result in risky behaviors, potentially jeopardizing their health.

Professionally, the preoccupation with sexual thoughts or activities can distract from work responsibilities and lead to decreased productivity or losing your job. There’s also the risk of engaging in inappropriate behaviors in the workplace, which can lead to disciplinary actions and damage a professional reputation.

Signs that you might be dealing with sex addiction can include:

  • Being overwhelmed by sexual thoughts, desires, and impulses 
  • Finding it difficult to focus on everyday tasks because of a preoccupation with sexual thoughts
  • Spending a lot of time or money pursuing sexual activities
  • Feeling like you can’t control sexual urges
  • Feelings of guilt, regret, or shame after sexual activity
  • Engaging in sexual activities that are increasingly risky
  • Trying to stop adverse sexual behavior but being unable to

Taking the Sex Addiction Assessment

Recognizing the potential signs of sex addiction is a critical step in the journey toward recovery. The Sex Addiction Assessment is a carefully designed quiz that can help you identify these behaviors. It serves as a tool to self-reflect on your actions and understand if they align with typical patterns of sex addiction.

Use this assessment as a starting point to gain insights into your behaviors and evaluate whether they indicate a deeper issue. The quiz encourages honesty and self-reflection, asking questions that cover various aspects of how your sexual behavior impacts your life, relationships, and emotional well-being.

Take the Sex Addiction Quiz

This assessment will only be helpful if you answer each question honestly. Find a private place to sit down and dedicate the time to reflect on each question to ensure the most accurate results. No one will see your responses except you. This quiz is for your understanding only, helping you to determine the next steps in addressing your concerns.

Interpreting Your Results

After completing the quiz, you’ll receive results that can offer a clearer picture of your potential for sex addiction. Use these as your guide to decide whether to seek specific treatments and interventions or closely monitor your habits.

The results of this quiz are not a clinical diagnosis. They are an informative tool to help you understand your behaviors better. For a comprehensive and formal diagnosis, please consult a qualified mental health professional who can provide a more in-depth evaluation and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Next Steps and Resources

No matter where you find yourself in the results, there is always hope for recovery and healing. Regardless of the severity or duration of your addiction, mental health professionals are equipped to support you. They can help you understand the underlying causes of the addiction, provide effective treatment, and assist you in developing a sustainable recovery plan. With the proper treatment and guidance, lasting change is possible.

The benefits of sex addiction treatment include:

  • Addressing Underlying Issues. Identifying and healing from the trauma that often drives addiction leads to more mindful and healthier choices.
  • Learning to Manage Behaviors. Developing practical coping skills is crucial to replacing destructive patterns with healthy habits.
  • Healing Relationships. The impacts of sex addiction reach beyond the person receiving treatment, allowing you to repair damaged relationships and build new, healthier connections.

Seeking a therapist or counselor with specialized training in sex addiction, such as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), can be incredibly beneficial for those on the journey to recovery. These professionals have a deep understanding of the complexities of sex addiction and how to heal the underlying traumas. 

At Begin Again Institute, we offer a range of programs for men struggling with sex addiction. Our CSAT therapists, trauma specialists, and certified clinical partner specialists develop a specialized plan for each client’s healing process. 

During our 14-Day Men’s Intensive, a program specifically designed to address sex addiction, we provide a focused environment for your personal recovery journey. By temporarily stepping away from environments that may trigger addictive behaviors, you can launch your recovery in a nurturing and supportive space.

FAQ About Porn Addiction

We have designed this quiz to help you identify potential signs of sex addiction and its impact on your life and relationships. It can be a starting point for understanding your situation and determining what level of support you may need to recover. In minutes, you can better understand what steps to take next.

Monitor your habits more closely or seek professional treatment, depending on your results. If the quiz indicates that you may have a potential addiction, reach out to a specialized treatment center like Begin Again Institute or an experienced therapist trained in sex addiction.

The Begin Again Institute prioritizes your privacy and confidentiality. The results from the PAUS™ are solely for your personal use. We do not store, access, or share them. The assessment aims to provide insights into your behavior and guide you in seeking appropriate help if needed. The data you provide in the survey is entirely private, ensuring that the focus remains on your personal journey toward understanding and recovery.

Common signs of sex addiction include being overwhelmed by sexual thoughts, difficulty controlling sexual urges, feelings of guilt after sexual activities, and engaging in risky sexual behaviors. A hallmark of addiction is being unable to stop the harmful behavior, despite its negative consequences. 

BAI’s Sex Addiction Quiz will ask questions about these common signs and use that information to provide you with a better idea about the level of severity of the addiction.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The responses you provide in this assessment are completely confidential. They are used exclusively for your insight. BAI does not store or share your results. We handle our clients’ personal information with the highest ethical standards, ensuring your privacy is respected and maintained throughout your journey toward recovery.

Recovering with Begin Again Institute

Choosing to seek treatment for sex addiction is a significant and brave step toward reclaiming your life. At Begin Again Institute, we understand the challenges you’re facing and are dedicated to providing the support and treatment you need to regain control. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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