The BAI Intensive Treatment Program curriculum is uniquely developed to address the core of this addiction. Working with the most current research in neurobiology, attachment and trauma, our clinical team helps participants discover the “why” of their addictive behaviors. Once the core cause is found, choice is restored and remission can begin to occur. The intensity and compression of programming 8-10 hours per day for 14 days allows you to break through to core issues driving the problematic behavior and frees you to return home to rebuild your relationship and continue in a program of successful recovery.

Begin Again Institute

At Begin Again Institute, clients will stay in a beautiful and tranquil home at the foot of the beautiful Rocky Mountain’s outside of Boulder, CO. You will hike nearby trails and see abundant wildlife as you awaken to the beauty of nature and cultivate the ability to be present. Transportation from Denver and during treatment is provided; meals are included; and we provide 24/7  House Management Supervision for your physical and emotional safety.

BAI is the perfect location to focus on one’s addiction and to become part of a wider supportive community dedicated to maintaining lasting recovery. Contact Begin Again Institute at 720.702.4608.