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Pornography Addiction Treatment

Getting Help for Porn Addiction

Recover from Porn Addiction at Begin Again Institute

Break Free From Porn Addiction

It’s time to break free from porn addiction. Begin Again Institute is here to help with pornography addiction treatment. We can guide you to recovery from pornography addiction at our resort-like, luxury treatment centers in Colorado or Tennessee. And if you’re interested in Christian-based treatment to help restore your faith in the process, our Boulder Recovery intensive is here to help.

At Begin Again Institute, our team of experts will help you uncover the root cause of your addiction and give you the skills you need to stop viewing porn once and for all. 

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If you’re concerned about your pornography use, and whether you have an addiction, please consider taking our Porn Assessment and Use Survey (PAUS®).

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Understanding Pornography Addiction

You didn’t mean for it to go this far. Understanding how you got to this point is essential to healing. 

Porn addiction is when a person compulsively views pornography to the point that it interferes with their daily life and relationships, but they can’t stop, even if they try.

Symptoms of pornography addiction include: 

  • Increased porn viewership 
  • Feeling guilty about watching
  • An inability to control viewing urges, even when or where it’s inappropriate to do so
  • Consuming thoughts of porn
  • Neglecting responsibilities or socializing to view porn
  • Increased tolerance for more extreme or violent porn
  • Hiding your porn watching from loved ones

There isn’t a single cause of porn addiction, but it typically revolves around attempting to cope with negative emotions or trying to feel emotionally better, even if for a short time. This need for emotion regulation often results from unresolved trauma. Regardless of the cause, you’ll need to identify and cope with it before you can stop the destructive behavior.

Treating Porn Addiction

When you consider getting porn addiction treatment, you’re taking a critical step toward breaking the cycle. The first step in pornography addiction treatment is understanding where the emotions that resulted in the addiction originated. Begin Again Institute uses the Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction (TINSA®) treatment model, focusing on the behavior and its root causes and paving the way for lasting recovery.

The model posits that trauma is the result of emotional or physical injury while being vulnerable or authentic. It considers how the brain became disordered and what caused the compulsive thinking and behaviors around pornography.

Once you understand the root cause of pornography addiction, you can process and heal from it. Then, during pornography addiction treatment, you will learn the skills you need to stop viewing porn and enter recovery.

You’ll take these steps through individual and group therapy that’s focused on accountability and understanding how addiction originates and impacts your mind and life.

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Comprehensive Care at Begin Again Institute

At Begin Again Institute, we offer various discreet, limited-participation pornography addiction treatment programs tailored to your unique needs.

Our cornerstone offering, Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Men’s Intensive, combines group therapy, individual counseling, and education to understand the root cause of destructive behaviors and stop pornography addiction. The intensive is on a gorgeous private campus in a historic home in Berthoud, Colorado.

Like our traditional intensive, Boulder Recovery’s 14-Day Christian Intensive brings your relationship with the Christian faith into pornography addiction treatment. In this program, in Boulder, Colorado, you’ll restore your authentic relationship with God as you identify and heal the root cause of the addiction.

For those requiring more time and intensive care, our 28-Day Residential Program offers an extended curriculum to focus on pornography addiction and any other co-occurring disorders. This porn addiction treatment option is on our 10-acre private campus near Nashville, Tennessee.

Regardless of the type of individualized care you need for your addiction, Begin Again Institute is here to provide it.

Support for Loved Ones

Your pornography viewing and secret-keeping don’t just impact you. Begin Again Institute’s Partner Support Program helps your wife navigate the emotional and relational fallout of pornography addiction. 

Our expert team will provide your wife with emotional support and assistance in healing from betrayal.

The virtual program happens before, during, and immediately after the men’s treatment programs – at no additional cost to the family.

Success Stories and Testimonials

You’re not alone. Many other men have experienced healing and recovered from pornography addiction through Begin Again Institute. Here’s what some of them say about the experience:

“Begin Again Institute changed and saved my life. It was a great place to be introduced to recovery and gave me a running start. The staff there is empathetic, supportive, and compassionate as they walked alongside me as I uncovered things I swore I would never tell anyone. When I left, I was equipped with tools that I had never had before and a willingness to continue my journey of healing, one day at a time! My story is a first-hand example of the great work that they are doing. Grateful to have had the experience and the opportunity. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is suffering and wants to change for the better!” -Alex K

“It really does work if you work it! They provide a really safe healing environment, with amazing staff that supports you every step of the way.” -Michael D

Getting Started with Porn Addiction Treatment

Help is just a phone call away when you’re ready to heal. Whether you’re a high-profile executive, community leader, or someone simply looking for help you can trust, we offer confidential, specialized pornography addiction treatment. 

You can break the control porn has over your life and stop the cycle of addiction. All you have to do is call an admissions specialist, and they’ll lead you through the process to enroll.

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