Boulder Recovery Christian Mens Intensive

Boulder Recovery 14-Day Christian Intensive

Boulder Recovery is Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Christian Intensive focused on treating men suffering from sexual addiction, pornography addiction and intimacy disorders, particularly within the context of their Christian faith.

Addressing the issues of an addiction or intimacy disorder is challenging enough for any man – requiring honesty, transparency, and courage. For a man whose Christian faith is central to his life, the burden can be even more intensified.

14-Day Christian Men’s Intensive

The 14-Day Christian Intensive for men is focused on helping men struggling with sex, porn, and relationship issues, particularly within the context of their Christian faith. Addressing the issues of an intimacy disorder is challenging enough for any man – requiring honesty, transparency, and courage. For a man whose Christian faith is central to his life, the burden is that much more intensified.
The program uses a treatment model called TINSA® (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction), a neurobiological approach to understanding and healing sexual addiction.
The focus of this model is on healing the traumatic experiences and attachment wounds driving the addictive behavior and problematic thinking around sex, limiting the experience of intimacy. Through the unique application of this model, fractures caused by life’s hardships can be repaired and men can be made whole – returning to, or perhaps discovering for the first time, an authentic relationship with God and with self, as one created in the image of God.


Boulder Recovery 14-Day intensives for men occur in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado. Surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, expansive views, and abundant wildlife, there’s no better place to reconnect authentically with self and with the Creator.

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Intensive Goals and Focus

Boulder Recovery’s 14-day intensive program focuses on helping those struggling with addictions and compulsions:

  • Stop destructive sexual behaviors
  • Identify and heal the root cause of the addiction
  • Create a solid foundation for lasting recovery in their relationships
  • Restore authentic relationship with the Creator as the creation made in His perfect image
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Intensive Highlights

Here are some key components of the Boulder Recovery 14-Day Men’s Intensive:

Practical Timeframe

The intensive is designed to help those struggling with sex addiction heal in a condensed period of time so that treatment doesn’t have such a large impact on your work, family, and finances. To do so, we limit the number of attendees to just 12 men per intensive to ensure each client receives personalized treatment.

Our program focuses primarily on the root causes of your addiction and incorporates clinically innovative techniques to stop destructive sexual behaviors. Since we are a live-in program, healing occurs 24 hours a day.

Biblically Supported Approach to Science & Healing the Brain

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

Boulder Recovery uses sound neurobiological research in all components of the program. Beginning with thorough assessments, your program is built specifically for you.

You will uncover and understand how your life is being impacted by unhealthy sexual behaviors, whether they consist of pornography, web-based sex, compulsive masturbation, use of prostitutes or massage parlors, strip clubs, or infidelity.

Finding and healing the core of your addictive behaviors, and using the behavioral task model approach, can greatly diminish the chance of returning to problematic behaviors.

Partner Support

The Boulder Recovery program values the sanctity of marriage and seeks to see restoration and healing for both partners. We are the only Christian intensive in North America that includes support for partners impacted by the trauma of betrayal through online psychoeducation, care, and interaction with a dedicated specialist in partner betrayal.

Partners of the men in our program receive 10 hours of support in our virtual and confidential program at no additional cost. We are highly partner sensitive and focus on helping the addict understand and repair the damage caused to their partner and to the relationship.

Inspiring Setting

The program provides accommodations and meals in a beautiful and peaceful setting in Boulder, Colorado. You will live with your fellow cohorts in a private and secure home near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with clear views of the Continental Divide rising to heights of 14,000 feet. Together you will experience nearby hiking trails and abundant wildlife. All meals are included, and we provide 24- hour supervision for your spiritual and emotional healing.

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