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Discrete, individualized treatment for sex and pornography addiction, intimacy disorders, and betrayal trauma.

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Next Begin Again Intensive

July 13th - July 22nd, 2024

A 14-day intensive for men struggling with problematic sexual behavior, porn addiction, and intimacy issues in relationships.

Next Boulder Recovery Intensive

July 6th - July 20th, 2024

A 14-day faith-based intensive for Christian men struggling with problematic sexual behavior, porn addiction, and intimacy issues in relationships. 

Betrayal Trauma Partner Intensive

Sept 15th - 20th, 2024

Five days of intensive healing designed especially for partners of addicts who have endured the pain of betrayal trauma, infidelity, and relationship trauma.

Trauma Focused Care

If you’re a man with problematic sexual behavior or issues in relationships, Begin Again Institute can help. We offer highly specialized, trauma-focused care for sex addiction, pornography addiction, and other intimacy disorders. 

In as little as two weeks, our team of experienced therapists can help you understand the root cause of your addiction and begin healing from it. 

At the same time, your partner can begin healing from betrayal trauma in our unique Partner Support Program

You can move forward healthier and happier without the cloud of guilt and shame that’s been hanging over you for so long.

A Program to Fit Your Needs

If you have relationship problems or are engaging in harmful sexual behaviors, we have a program to help you heal. Begin Again Institute offers various programs to overcome intimacy disorders, sex and pornography addictions, and other mental health concerns happening simultaneously. All of our programs include private and group counseling, as well as lodging and meals.  

14-Day Men's Intensives

Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Men’s Intensive treats men with sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and intimacy disorders. You’ll learn to understand and address the root cause of your behaviors and start the journey to lasting recovery.

14-Day Christian Men's Intensives

Boulder Recovery, Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Christian Men’s Intensive treats men with the same intimacy concerns as our other intensive but provides this treatment within the context of their Christian faith. You’ll heal while renewing and strengthening your relationship with God.

28-Day Residential Program

If you’re seeking a higher level of care, the Men’s Residential Intimacy Disorders Program offers the same specialized, trauma-focused care as the intensives but with an extended curriculum. This program is especially helpful if you have co-occurring substance use or mental health disorders.

5-Day Betrayal Trauma Intensive

On the other side of sexual addiction is someone who’s left holding the fractured pieces of the relationship with nowhere to turn for help. The Betrayal Trauma Intensive is designed for partners of addicts who are struggling with the devastating fallout from their partner’s actions, and who need to embark on their own healing journey.

5-Day Trauma Intensives

For those who are feeling stuck in their daily lives, have plateaued in their recovery, or find that they are feeling increasingly disconnected in their relationships, Begin Again Institute offers 5-day intensives for trauma healing and resolution. These intensives are open to all men who want to achieve rapid progress in healing psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds that have manifested in maladaptive behaviors.


Knowledge Center

Would you like to understand more about sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and intimacy disorders? We want to be a resource for you to help you better understand what’s happening in your life.

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