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28-Day Program

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Extensive Healing for Sex Addiction

For men who need a higher level of care, have co-occurring issues with mental health or substances, or need to immerse themselves in a longer treatment cycle, Begin Again Institute offers 28-Day Men’s Residential Intimacy Disorders Treatment through our sister facility, Integrative Life Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The program is for men with primary sex addiction, pornography addiction, and other intimacy disorders. This residential level of care also may be a good fit for you if you experience co-occurring mental health or substance use disorders. Get comprehensive healing through our proven trauma-focused approach.

Our program is the only one in North America that includes a virtual Partner Support Program at no additional cost.

What to Expect in the Residential Addiction Program

The Men’s Residential Sex Addiction Treatment is a robust, trauma-focused program tailored to your unique needs. The program is specifically for men experiencing:

  • Intimacy disorders
  • Attachment disorders
  • Love addiction
  • Pornography addiction
  • Relationship issues
  • Problematic and compulsive sexual behaviors

During the program, you’ll immerse yourself in healing through trauma-focused group and individual therapy and practical takeaways for your recovery journey. The program’s goals are to:

  • Stop destructive sexual behaviors
  • Identify the root cause of the addiction
  • Address any co-occurring mental health concerns
  • Create a solid foundation for lasting recovery

This broader spectrum residential treatment program helps you better understand the factors that got you to this point, treating trauma wounds and empowering you to live your life authentically.

Comfort While Healing

You must care for your mind, body, and spirit to heal. Treatment may feel emotionally uncomfortable at times, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be physically cared for or that you’ll spend your entire time at treatment sitting in a therapy room. 

The 28-Day Men’s Program is on a sprawling 10-acre private campus in Nashville, Tennessee. You’ll stay in a 5,000-square-foot, eight-bed home with two dining rooms, a fire pit, and group therapy rooms. The resort-like setting grounds also contain three spring-fed ponds for fishing, swimming, and recreational water activities. 

The 28-Day Men’s Sex Addiction Treatment Program includes:

  • Room and board
  • 24/7 staff on campus, including nursing supervision, psychiatric care, and medication management
  • A combination of house-prepared and catered meals planned by the director of nutrition programming and culinary manager with nutritional support in mind
  • Trauma-focused treatment from a team of specialized, master’s-level therapists 
  • Virtual Partner Support Program for betrayed partners at no additional cost
During your time in Nashville, you’ll participate in individual and group therapy, as well as experiential activities focused on holistic healing.


Meals are thoughtfully planned by the Director of Nutrition Programming and Culinary Manager. Designed to reflect a common household setup, some meals come prepared from local vendors, others are store-bought items, and the rest may be partially prepared with the expectation that the men practice their cooking skills (with supervision), follow a given recipe, and work together as a community to put a meal on the table.

28-Day Program


The clinical work in the 28-day program is closely aligned with the work done in our 14-day intensives. Using the proprietary Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction model (TINSA®) for treatment, our program identifies and treats the cause of sexual addiction through a neurobiological approach. Our clinicians help clients understand how the brain became disordered through early developmental trauma experiences, which, in turn, predisposes them to compulsive thinking and behaviors around sex, pornography and relationships.


As with our 14-day intensives, we understand that the partners of the men in our residential program will need to address the trauma they’ve experienced through their partner’s betrayal. We include a virtual Partner Support Program at no additional cost led by a betrayal trauma specialist.

In this psychoeducational virtual program, partners will be given tools, counsel, and an actionable plan to move forward from the trauma of betrayal in the way that makes the most sense for their family and relationship.

Partners must have a client enrolled in one of our treatment programs to participate in the Partner Support Program.

To learn more about our Men’s Residential Program, talk to an Admissions Specialist today: 720.702.4608

Understanding Intimacy and Attachment Disorders

Some people have difficulty with emotionally intimate relationships because they fear vulnerable connections with others. If you have an intimacy disorder, the idea of connection likely frightens you, and you push people away.

Intimacy disorders often result from unresolved traumatic experiences that leave a person feeling out of control and like they can’t trust anyone. Many times, attachment disorders develop during childhood and are based on your relationship with your primary caregiver. Did you feel loved and cared for, or like you were on your own trying to survive? 

The attachment style you adopted as a child out of necessity can carry into adulthood, influencing your ability to trust and relate to others and your ideas of self-worth.

Addictions often develop out of a person’s attempts to cope with negative emotions, which may be related to intimacy and attachment disorders. Sex addiction is a form of intimacy disorder where you have an excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors that you can’t control. It also can manifest as pornography or masturbation addiction. Regardless, the addiction causes you severe emotional distress, affects every part of your life, and you can’t stop, even when you try.

To stop the negative behavior, you must first identify, understand, and process that trauma. This work lays the foundation for healing and eliminating behaviors that are harming you and the people you love.


Our Approach to Treatment

The 28-Day Men’s Program focuses on stopping destructive behaviors by understanding and treating the root cause of those actions. To do this, we use the Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction (TINSA®) model. The model considers how the early developmental trauma impacted your brain and predisposed you to compulsive thinking and behaviors around sex, pornography, and relationships.

To heal, you must identify the trauma and understand that your addictive behavior started as an automatic reaction. Then, you can make connections between the trauma and how your response led to your inability to bond or have a healthy relationship. Once you understand these components, you can learn skills to stop the behavior that’s damaging your life and causing you to live inauthentically. 


Success Stories and Testimonials

“I can’t recommend this program highly enough. They utilize various modalities to treat underlying emotional hurts and the symptoms that result. The professionals are well-trained and experienced, and the program works (if you work it)! I participated in a 28-day residential stay.”
John Doe

Enrolling in the Program

Are you ready to live a more authentic life? If so, it’s time to enroll in the 28-Day Men’s Residential Sex Addiction Treatment Program. The next step is to contact an admissions specialist who will walk you through the enrollment process.

Supporting Loved Ones

You know you’re not living authentically, but have you considered how your loved ones feel? Do you carry the pressure, guilt, and shame of maintaining a facade, leaving you unable to show up for them? Or do your actions consistently and blatantly harm them and leave you begging “one more time” for forgiveness? 

Your actions don’t just impact you. Begin Again Institute’s Partner Support Program helps your wife heal from the betrayal she experienced due to your behaviors. 

Our highly specialized, partner-sensitive team facilitates an innovative group that supports partners before, during, and immediately after the men’s treatment programs – at no additional cost to the family.

 The Partner Support Program is virtual for your wife. The program will help her learn how to deal with stressors, care for herself, and heal from betrayal.

Begin Your Healing Journey

Help is just a phone call away. Whether you’re a high-profile executive, community leader, or someone simply looking for help you can trust, we offer confidential, specialized treatment for all men with sex addiction and intimacy disorders. Start living authentically today.

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