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The trauma of betrayal runs deep, and its attack on marriage, family, and relationship feel relentless and unforgiving. Boulder Recovery 14-Day Intensives for Men offer our clients a real understanding of the costly damage of their behaviors and an opportunity for true and lasting healing. But what about their partners? In the wake of the destruction caused by addiction is usually a person left holding the pieces of a life they no longer recognize.

In order for there to be a possibility of restoration, there needs to be healing for BOTH parties.

Our Partner Support Program (PSP) is a private group that meets virtually over the duration of the Men’s 14-Day Intensive and is reserved solely for the partners of the men in this program. The PSP is held in the evenings and is facilitated by Anna Smith, CSAT, a betrayal trauma specialist.

The program is designed to help women navigate an understanding of their trauma of betrayal, anger, fear, shame, and a plan to move forward. It offers safety in community, tools for true healing and forgiveness, and hope for the future.



Boulder Recovery desires to see all marriages healed and hope restored to the family, though the journey can be long and requires intentionally walking hand-in-hand with God and the community to get there. But whether or not you choose to restore your marriage following the discovery of unfaithful behaviors, it’s likely that there’s a need to restore your relationship and trust with God.

Being impacted by an affair or sexual betrayal can cause a person to feel distant not only from their partner but from God and their community. You may find yourself in a place where you are unsure how to forgive or let go of your unmet dreams, desires, and expectations for your life.

You might be consumed with finding out the truth about every specific detail that happened and probing your spouse with questions. It’s important that you grieve all that was lost and process all of your emotions. There may be a number of unresolved issues, questions, or challenges that you need to work through the following infidelity, and that is why we have created the space and place for our partners to be able to talk through these challenges in the community and start to their own healing journey.

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