Disclosure Coaching

Many things will challenge your relationship, some more significantly than others. You sought treatment to heal from trauma, intimacy issues, or sex addiction. Now you want to take the next step in getting your relationship back on track. It’s time to make sure there are no longer any secrets in your relationship. You want to move on with your healing together to reestablish your relationship on a strong foundation.

A Full Therapeutic Disclosure ensures you’re both working toward building a reliable and secure partnership. Disclosure affirms your commitment to being truthful about your prior actions but in a safe and therapeutic way rather than an unstructured exposition. Your new relationship can be based on trust and honesty. Full Disclosure means that addiction no longer gets to control the truth.

After a disclosure intensive, you leave:

  • Feeling your relationship is on more solid ground
  • Able to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level as a couple
  • Committed to moving forward together in a more transparent and safe relationship
  • With full knowledge of past addictive behaviors and no more secrets in your relationship, with a sense that you can actually trust what you heard
  • Fully understanding and agreeing on the boundaries and behaviors expected in your future together
  • Informed on what it will take as a couple to stay in recovery and do the work

Disclosure Coaching at Begin Again Institute

If you are willing to build an honest, secure future together, then your relationship is worth fighting for. Through our disclosure coaching program, the disclosure coaching team at Begin Again Institute can assist you in laying this foundation.

The eight-week program will prepare you to disclose everything your partner needs to know about your addiction or other mental health issues, then help you through the actual disclosure process (Additional weeks available as necessary). With the assistance of trained disclosure professionals, the whole program establishes a safe environment to support your ability to be open and honest with one another.

The disclosure coaching program includes individual and couple sessions to tackle topics like:

  • How the disclosure process works and why it’s beneficial to your relationship
  • Setting objectives to confirm willingness and commitment to the process and to disclose information
  • Sobriety check-ins
  • Stresses and other issues that affect disclosure
  • Setting and understanding boundaries
  • Preparing to hear the truth, and be able to do so in a way that is safe and affirming of your sense of reality
  • Trauma, the nervous system, and attachment
  • How to regulate and ground your emotions
  • Disclosure preparation and assistance during that procedure

The disclosure coaching program is ideal for alumni of Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day Men’s Intensive and their partners who have participated in the virtual Partner Support Program. We will also consider clients who haven’t participated in those programs, but have previously engaged in trauma-focused treatment or counseling.

Treatment at Begin Again Institute

Begin Again Institute’s goal is to transform lives by assisting men in reclaiming their lives. We are an inclusive and non-judgmental community that helps men understand the “why” behind their sexually-addictive behaviors and gives them the tools needed to take accountability, heal, rebuild, and live a life of purpose and authenticity. Rebuilding ties with loved ones, especially spouses, is vital in rehabilitation. The disclosure coaching program is the next step following our men’s intensive. Once you begin healing, it’s time to work on your relationship. We’ll help you each step of the way through disclosure to help lay the foundation for a trust-based relationship you can rely on.

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