Partner Intensive

Partners requesting a 2 -Day Partner Intensive won’t be mixed in with others; it is one on one, and the focus is on helping you heal from toxic sexual betrayal and the damage caused by your partner’s sexual addiction.

Our addiction program addresses attachment wounding, developmental trauma, and psychobiological damage.

BAI Partner Intensive Therapies

Betrayal causes significant damage to the nervous system, causing the Partner to be hyper-vigilant and on high alert. Our 2-day Partner Intensive works to regulate the nervous system and establish safety. The Intensive gives couples an opportunity to engage in open, honest, transparent, and guided conversation that acknowledges the damage of addiction on others, the impact and pain of betrayal on the partner, and the establishment of guidelines for moving forward to re-establish trust. This is not a formal disclosure, which would occur much later in the healing process and under the guidance of Partner Betrayal therapists.

Healing at the Begin Again Institute

The Begin Again Institute is located near Boulder, CO at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Our 14-Day Men’s and Partner and Couple Intensives offer clear views of the continental divide rising up over 14,000 feet. Contact Begin Again Institute today at 720.702.4608.