Sex addiction has a way of taking over every aspect of your life, making it difficult to function. From how you spend your time to its effect on your work and relationships, sex addiction makes life challenging.

It’s possible that you recognize the depths of your addiction. Maybe you even tried to stop your behaviors in the past, but you always go back to the same temptations. You’re ready for a real sex addiction treatment plan that will help you heal completely.

For many people with sex addiction, trying to control their behaviors alone may feel impossible. Begin Again Institute is here to help you get to the root cause of your addiction and get your life back on track.

Sex Addiction Treatment at Begin Again Institute

Begin Again Institute understands that you are a unique person, and therefore, your addiction is too. The programs we offer allow the time and space for you to get the customized care you deserve. You’ll also be surrounded by people with similar experiences so you can feel understood.

14-Day Men’s Intensive

In a space where healing occurs 24 hours a day, the 14-Day Men’s Intensive gives you the tools you need to start your recovery.

Set in the stunning mountains around Boulder, Colorado, you’ll have two full weeks to rest and reset. You’ll be with other men struggling with the same issues. Only 12 participants are invited to each retreat to ensure that you get the personalized care you deserve.

The Begin Again Institute’s 14-day intensive program focuses on helping you:

  • stop destructive sexual behaviors
  • find the root cause of the addiction
  • create a solid foundation for lasting recovery

BAI only uses the most up-to-date neurobiological research to design your recovery plan. Our specialists take the time to understand your story and how your behaviors impact your life. This information informs your sex addiction treatment plan.

While isolated from temptation, you’ll allow authentic healing to happen. At BAI, we take great pride in the benefits you’ll find during your intensive, including:

  • Understanding the depth of your addiction through taking a Sexual Dependency Inventory
  • Space to understand yourself during individual one-on-one trauma therapy
  • Connection with others struggling with the same things you are during group psycho-education and dialogue
  • Uncovering truths about your past by creating a genogram and a timeline of your addictive behavior
  • Starting to heal those you hurt with help writing impact letters

Sex addiction doesn’t just affect you. It impacts people you care about. It can damage your relationships with others. You can’t start healing those wounds without healing yourself first.

Partner Support Program

If you have an intimate partner or spouse, your sex addiction may have damaged your relationship. BAI offers a unique support program to help partners heal from betrayal trauma.

The Partner Support Program meets virtually in the evenings during the 14-day program. It is exclusively for partners of the people in our treatment program.

Led by a betrayal trauma specialist, the partner program offers a safe and confidential community for partners to process their trauma and begin their healing journey. Your partner will learn the root cause of your sex addiction. They’ll also regain their sense of safety in your relationship while having time and space to heal.

Continuing Care Membership

Sex addiction is complex, and temptations will always be present. BAI offers a Continuing Care Membership to help with the goal of lifelong remission. It helps support you long after you complete your intensive. Ongoing support and a sense of community will give you an edge in your sex addiction treatment.

This membership offers you access to a supportive community of others overcoming their sex addiction. You’ll have unique access to weekly, ongoing support sessions, either in-person or online. In addition, you’ll receive access to treatment options, therapy, and support to minimize the risk of relapsing.

Our Team

At Begin Again Institute, we take pride in our team of Certified Sex Addiction Therapists. Our CSATs use experiential, body-focused, and evidence-based therapies during your treatment. And we design your recovery program to suit your specific needs.

Our CSAT team has undergone extensive training. Each person has more than five years of previous therapeutic experience. They have specialized knowledge of underlying trauma and how to help you get control over sex addiction.

With the right sex addiction treatment plan and proper follow-through, you will be able to enter remission.

Learn More

At Begin Again Institute, we won’t just treat the symptoms and the problematic behaviors linked with sex addiction. Your healing will start at the root cause. During your treatment, you’ll gain a deep knowledge of who you are and how you got to this point. This knowledge will help you design a future free from addiction. If you’re ready to commit to a life free from sex addiction, contact us today.