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The Program

"I came to BAI with little understanding of sex addiction or how to overcome it. The 14-day intensive helped me to understand sex addiction, the root of my addition, and how to overcome my addiction. More importantly, I felt an amazing bond with the other BAI residents. This is a powerful program that has given me the tools, support, and confidence to face my addiction and begin rebuilding my life."

Begin Again Institute is the only 14-day intensive with with on-site accommodations designed to stop the behavior, treat the root cause of sexual addiction, and provide you with a strong foundation for continued growth and healing. After completing our program, you will be equipped to continue your recovery program with your own therapist or a therapist that we recommend upon discharge. Our 14-day intensive program is designed to limit the time you will be away from home, family and work commitments.

Our onsite medical staff will diagnose and recommend treatment for any underlying mood disorders to your primary care physician or psychiatrist.

Your experience at Begin Again Institute is tailored to your specific needs; we are not a "one size fits all" program. You will receive more individual attention at Begin Again than at any other treatment facility in the country.

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Sex and Porn Addiction

The purpose of sex and pornography addiction is to obliterate, medicate, or ignore reality and past attachment wounding and/or trauma. Compulsive sexual behaviors serve as an alternative to feeling difficult feelings such as hurt, betrayal, worry and loneliness. Unfortunately, these behaviors can cause severe relationship dysfunction, self harm, isolation and intimacy disturbances.

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Partner Info

Partners of sex and pornography addicts are innocent bystanders in the path of destruction created by the behaviors of their spouse or partner. At Begin Again Institute, we make it a priority to educate our patients about your pain, confusion, distress, reactions and fear which is a result of betrayal trauma.

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Couple's Intensives

The Begin Again Institute offers intensive healing for couples suffering from pornography, sex addiction and partner trauma. The couples intensive is trauma focused, and using a neurobiological and task oriented approach, our aim is to give sex addicts and their partners a strong foundation to begin healing from sex addiction and the betrayal trauma that has occurred as a result.

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