Addiction is complex. Even after treatment, there can be challenges. It’s not uncommon for individuals to relapse due to difficulty confronting or even identifying triggers. Therefore, the Begin Again Institute provides ongoing support even after individuals complete treatment. We are loyal to our clinical referents and support return to continue to work with the therapist who suggested Begin Again.  If a client has not been working with a trained therapist, we provide the contacts, resources, counseling, and skill training to allow individuals to continue on an emotionally healthy path. To learn more, contact Begin Again Institute today at 720.702.4608.

Begin Again Institute Continuing Care Membership

There is no shame in getting the support and understanding you need to heal. No matter where you are, our online aftercare community allows individuals the opportunity to begin or continue healing from the effects of sex or pornography addiction.

Since 2008, the Begin Again Institute has specialized in helping addicts and partners heal from sexually addictive behaviors. Our programs and therapies help couples and partners rebuild trust and grow into healthier relationships.

A Begin Again Institute continuing care membership gives individuals access to a broad community of support. Members enjoy access to our weekly group support sessions (remote or in-person) excluding holidays. While pre-approval is required for $300 a month, individuals can rest assured they’ll have access to the therapy, treatment, and support necessary to keep themselves from relapsing.