14-Day Men’s Intensive for Sex and Porn Addiction, Starting June 4, 2022

14-Day Intensive for Sex AddictionBegin Again Institute’s unique 14-Day Men’s sex addiction and porn addiction program with on-site accommodations in beautiful Colorado is directed by a team of trauma and attachment specialists. The revolutionary approach for the treatment of sex and pornography addiction used in these intensives is called TINSA® (trauma-induced sexual addiction).

The TINSA® model finds and treats the root causes of the addiction while simultaneously stopping the damaging addictive behaviors.

Begin Again Institute has been treating sex addicts and their partners since 2008 and is rooted in the teachings by Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founder of the current sexual addiction treatment movement.

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Intensive’s Goals and Focus

Begin Again Institute’s 14-day intensive program focuses on helping clients:

  • stop destructive sexual behaviors
  • find the root cause of the addiction
  • create a solid foundation for lasting recovery

Intensive’s Key Highlights

Here are some highlights of Begin Again Institute’s 14-Days Men’s Intensive Program for Sex and Porn Addiction:

> A Practical Timeframe

The intensive is designed to help addicts heal in a condensed period of time so that treatment doesn’t have such a large impact on your work, family, and finances. To do so, we limit the number of attendees to just 11 men per intensive to ensure each client receives personalized treatment. Our program focuses primarily on the root causes of your addiction and incorporates Dr. Patrick Carne’s TASK model to stop destructive sexual behaviors. Since we are a residential facility, healing occurs 24 hours a day.

> Research and Science Based

BAI uses the latest in neurobiological research in all components of the program. Beginning with thorough assessments, your program is specifically built for you. You will uncover and understand how your life is being impacted by unhealthy sexual behaviors whether they consist of pornography, web-based sex, compulsive masturbation, use of prostitutes or massage parlors, strip clubs or infidelity. Finding and healing the core of your addictive behaviors, and using the behavioral task model approach, greatly diminish the chance of returning to problematic behaviors.

> Partner-Sensitive Support

Included in the Intensive, your partner can receive 10 hours of support as well. We are highly partner sensitive and focus on helping the addict understand and repair the damage caused to their partner and to the relationship, led by Laurie Hall, president of The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS).

> Inspiring Setting

Based in Colorado, our program provides accommodations and meals in a beautiful and tranquil setting. You will stay in a secure and private home near the beautiful Rocky Mountains, with clear views of the continental divide rising to heights of 14,000 feet. You will experience nearby hiking trails and abundant wildlife. All meals are included and we provide 24-hour supervision for your physical and emotional safety.

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The Team Walking With You

Our staff provide committed and experienced treatment for men struggling with sex addiction and porn addiction. And our therapists and counselors use some of the most cutting-edge treatments available. You can read their bios on our team page.

14-Days Men’s Intensive June 4th-18th, 2022

Have questions? Begin Again Institute is here to help. 

Call 720.702.4608 or use our contact form here.

Have questions? Begin Again Institute is here to help. 

Call 720.702.4608 or use our contact form here.