The ground-breaking book on the science behind the root cause of sexual addiction

Written by Dr. Michael Barta and the foundation for our revolutionary 14-day Men’s Intensive on Sex Addiction

TINSA® by Dr. Michael Barta

Sexual addiction treatment has long focused on managing the symptoms of addiction with abstinence—a difficult challenge in a world where limitless pornographic gratification is never more than a mouse click away.

A new recovery method is needed: one capable of identifying and treating the core cause of addictive behavior.

TINSA® is such a program. Created by a preeminent Colorado master clinician, TINSA®, or Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction, explores the effects of adverse developmental experiences on a young brain and nervous system and illustrates how the damage caused by those experiences encourages addictive behavior.

Realizing how many sex addicts suffer from abandonment, neglect, and other childhood trauma led TINSA® creator Michael Barta, PhD, LPC, CSAT, to examine how emotional wounding leads to the need to self-regulate the release of the pleasure hormone dopamine through sexual stimuli. As increasing levels of dopamine are required over time to reach the same “high,” by adulthood, self-regulation can produce compulsive, damaging sexual behavior.

TINSA® offers the means to treat sex addiction at the source, reducing compulsive sexual behavior over time and providing effective, long-term recovery. TINSA® has helped thousands already. It can help you too.