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Have you been wondering if sex addiction therapy could help you? Boulder sex addiction therapist Dr. Michael Barta says:

At Begin Again Institute, treatment is designed to stop unwanted behaviors, uncover and heal the root causes of problems, and help repair relationships. We develop an individualized healing plan for each of our patients so that they are able to free themselves from harmful sexual behavior.

Addiction thrives on isolation and dishonesty. Given our widespread misconceptions, this is especially true for sex addicts. Sex addicts often rationalize their behaviors, blaming their sexual appetites on strong libidos or a way to relieve stress. But the hours spent cruising for sexual partners, looking at pornography or masturbating tell a darker story of a sex life totally out of control. By themselves, sex addicts can pursue their behaviors until major havoc is caused in their physical, social and financial lives. Dr. Barta believes that treatment can solve problems that addicts find impossible to solve on their own. “The support patients receive during treatment from the professionals at the Begin Again Institute—and from their interface with other patients—helps put an end to isolation. We give patients a shame-free place to heal the causes of problematic behaviors,” he says. Finding out where addictive behavior comes from is another benefit of sex addiction counseling. “Childhood abuse, a history of violence, or major life traumas are usually at the center of sex addiction,” Dr. Barta notes. Treatment helps uncover the roots of addictive behavior and leads the way out so that the addict can recognize the problem for what it is—and come to understand the key to curbing the addiction. Through tools such as group therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and one-on-one sessions with a therapist, addicts can look at their past traumas in a safe and healing environment. The most important reason sex addicts should seek treatment is to increase their quality of life. Addiction corrodes every aspect of existence for those suffering. Even the simplest tasks are wrought with agony. But patients brave enough to admit they need help and to seek treatment can go on to live full and wonderful lives free from addiction. Dr. Michael Barta and the staff at Begin Again Institute use a proven process to stabilize and eliminate unhealthy sexual behaviors. Upon completing treatment, patients are free to pursue their hobbies, enjoy the company of family and friends and rebuild their self-esteem.  By using a compassionate method of healing the consequences created by infidelity, patients are given a second chance to heal their relationships. Dr. Barta even offers couples therapy to help safely and compassionately unravel the difficulties caused by sexual addiction. Best of all, Begin Again Institute has several treatment options. Ready to find out which treatment is best for you and start living a life free from sex addiction? Call us today. Michael Barta, Ph.D., CSAT – S

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  • May 1, 2014

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